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Two deviant groups are prevelant in Leicester, the Barelawis and the Deodandis

The Barelawis:  Who are they?

The founder and Imam of the Barelawis was Ahmad Raza Khan who was an extremist Sufi known for his Takfeer (excommunication from Islam) and extremely heretical beliefs.

Allamah Ehsan Illahi Zaheer (rahimahullah) has written a detailed book on the Barelawis which highlights;

1. The influences of shism on the founder of  the Barelawi school of thought.

2. The easiness with which they declare kufr (excommunication) on their opponents.

3. Their giving superstitions, baseless talk, unfounded stories and fables, the garb of religion.

4. Their distortion (tahreef) and misinterpretation of the Book and the Sunnah to support their beliefs.

The Deobandis and the Jamaat Tableegh. Who are they?

The inception of the Deobandi school of thought stems from the differences and disagreements with the Barelawis and the subseequent formation of  the Darul-Uloom Deoband founded in 1868 by Moulana Qasim Nanotawi. The term Deobandi, is used to describe all those who were in agreement with the school of Deoband and its ideology. From amongst the Deobandi scholars is Moulana Muhammed Ilyas, the founder of the Tableeghi Jamat.

Taken from the book: The Jamaat Tableegh and the Deobandis; A Critical Analalysis of their beliefs, books and dawah, pg 12 by Sajid Abdul Kayum

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