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Advice to those muslims in Leicester who supported the Wotton Bassett march

This is an advice to the muslims in leicester who supported and encourouged muslims to attend this march. This march was being organised by the now banned group Islam4UK which was led by Anjem Choudry a Takferi who is upon the dawah of the Khawarij.bel0w are some of the fatawaa by the Major Scholars of our time concerning, marches and demonstrations. showing clearly that marches and demonstrations are haram(not permissible)

Sheikh fawzaan was asked:

Qestion:Is staging political demonstrations a correct way to resolve the problems of the islamic nation?

Answer: Our religion is not one of choas and  anarchy our religion is one of discipline and order calmness and serenity.Staging political demonstrations was never originaly from the actions of the muslims as they never knew of such things before.Islam is a religion of mercy calmness and discipline.Choas ,disorganization and inciting of tribulations are not part of Islam.This is Islam and the rights of the people are fulfilled and earned in a manner Islam has legislated.Demonstrations mostly result in bloodshed and destruction of property and wealth.Such things are not permissible1

Ṣāliḥ Āli-Shaykh1 on Political Demonstrations & the

Principle: “The ends justify the means”2

As for what people state that: “The ends justify the means” – this is wrong and not from our Islamic legislation. On the contrary, in the legislation, the means have specific rulings and with the condition that they be initially permissible. If the means are forbidden, such as a person drinking alcohol for medicinal purposes, then even if there may be some sort of remedy in it, it is still forbidden. So, not all means may have the same ruling as the end result. Rather, the means must be permissible in themselves. It is also not always the case that a servant (of Allah) may assume that since certain means are successful, he’s therefore allowed to take them. An example of this is political demonstrations. For example, if a large group of people comes as says, “If we stage a demonstration, this will pressure the leader and then consequently he will have to change

and rectify the situation. The end justifies the means.” We say that this is completely false because the means in themselves are forbidden. These actions, even though the goal may be sincere and necessary, still the origin is impermissible. It is just like a person using a forbidden substance for some cure. Thus, there are many means and methods someone’s intellect may come up with, yet they may not be justified by the end result. So, this is for sure a false principle.

1 Ṣāliḥ Āli-Shaykh: One of the leading scholars of Saudi Arabia, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars, and the current minister of Islaamic Affairs in Saudi Arabia. (born 1362 Hijrah / 1941).

2 This fatwá was taken from a book called “al-Fatāwá al-Shar’iyyah fī al-Qadhāyá Al-‘Asriyyah,” a collection of various rulings by Muhammad Ibn Fahd al-Ḥusayn.

 Taken from the cassette: Fatāwá al-‘Ulamā fī Hukm al-Tafjīrāt wal-Muẓāharāt wal-Ightiyālāt.


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