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Responding to those upon the dawah of Takfeer in Leicester

A blogger from Leicester posted the following statement:

“As Muslims we cannot wear a cross, cannot swear an oath to a Taghoot authority, cannot uphold kufr law, and cannot side with the kuffar against the Muslims, these things are all Kufr Akbar and as such this man is a clear Murtad, apostate. We make du’a that Ali Dizaei (who was being referred to by this blogger), now that he is out of his corrupting police uniform repents for his actions and returns to the fold of Islam, but if not we make du’a  that Allah humiliates him further in this life and the next for his many crimes against Muslim. Ameen”. (End of quote)

As for the issue of wearing a cross this question was put to the Permanmant Committe of  Scholars  in the following way;

“We have differed among ourselves  about the ruling of a Muslim who wears a cross which is a symbol of the Christians so some of us ruled that he is a Kafir without any discussion with him and others  said we should make a ruling that he is a Kafir until we discuss with him and make clear to him the impermissibility of that (wearing a cross) and that it a symbol of Christianity and if he continues with that (wearing a cross) then we rule him to be a Kafir.

Answer: In explaining this affair and giving examples is compulsory, so if it is made clear to him the ruling of this (action) and  wearing a cross  is a symbol of Christianity and that his wearing it is an indication that he is pleased to be connected with them and pleased with what they (the christians) are upon and he continues with that (wearing cross), he is judged to be a Kafir because of the statement of Allah; “And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya then surely he is one of them. Verily Allah guides not the people who are Thalimeen (polytheists and wrong-doers and unjust) (Surah Maida ayah 51)

Editors note: Here we see how the scholars differentiate between the ruling of a Muslim wearing a cross without the proof being established on him and between a Muslim simply wearing a cross out of ignorance, in contrast to the Takfeeri who don’t do this!

Fatawaa Lajnah Daimah, fatwaa no: 2245

As for the issue of ruling by other than Allahs law, then there is a well known difference of opinion amongst the scholars with regard to a ruler who legislates a law other than the law of Allah. Some scholars said that he is Kafir without him making it halal (Istilal). Others said that his Kufr Akbar is conditional on him making it halal (Istilal) but this is not our subject here. What we object to is the blogger making simply being a policemen or a civil servant Kufr Akbar that takes you out of the religion just for upholding the law of kufr. We would like to remind the blogger that Takfeer is the right of Allah meaning only those actions or beliefs that Allah stated in the Quran or by the Messenger (salalla alahi wasalam) stated in the Sunnah as Kufr Akbar can be considered. So there is no clear proof that by simply being employed or working for a non muslim goverment is Kufr Akbar that takes you out of the religion as this would imply that Prophet Yusef committed Kufr Akbar (wa aoothibilallah).

So we say to the blogger bring your proof that this action is Kufr Akbar and we will accept this. We will be waiting.

Also as for the blogger making specific Takfeer of this man then we say before Takfeer is made of  an individual Muslim there are certain conditions to fulfil and impediments to remove and they are as follows:


1. That this Muslim is sane and mature

2. That this Muslim intended and chose to do this kufr action

3. That the proofs have been established on this individual that would imply kufr for the one continuing upon a particular belief or action

4. That misunderstanding and misconceptions have been removed from this individuals mind

So we ask the blogger did you do all this before you made Takfeer?

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