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A reply to the common shubahaat (doubts) used by the Takferees to make takfir of the Muslim Rulers: Doubt one

Doubt one:  They (the rulers) allowed the Americans to enter the Arabian peninsular despite the fact that the Prophet (salalla alahi wasalam) said“Expel the musrikeen from the Arabian peninsular” (Sahih Bukhari).

Reply: Firstly this hadeeth is an evidence that it is compulsory to expel the Musrikeen from the Arabian Peninsular but it is not absolute. What is intended is for them not to permanantly reside or for  them to establish symbols of their religion (such as churches) so what is excluded from this order is hired workers or people entering the peninsular on a temporary agreement of safety (such as with a visa or other agreements) and the evidence for this is that Umar (radiallahanhu) allowed some of the Kuffar to remain in Madinah and the Sahaba (radi allahu anhum) (Agreed with) that so this is a consensus from them in understanding the order of the Prophet (salalla alahi wasalam).

Secondly: The Fuqaha (the scholars of fiqh) differed on what was intended by the expression”Arabian peninsular” in this hadeeth, but they did agree what was not intended was the definition used by the geographers and this is were many people fell into a mistake, so Imam Nawawi said the “The scholars of the Shafi Mathhab restricted this ruling to part of the Arabian peninsular which with them meant: Mecca, Madinah,Yamama and Amalaha but not Yemen and other than that is not the Arabian Peninsular.(Sharh Sahih Muslim Chapter 11 to 12 pg 95 under hadeeth No 4208)

Ibn Hajar said the opininion of Imam Shafi is the opinion of the majority (of scholars) (Fatul Bari volume 6 pg 198 under hadeeth No 3053)

Taken from the book Wa Jadelahum bi lat hiya Ahsan p g24 (And argue with them in a way that is best)

Translated and posted by Jafar

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