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Seven principles the Takfeerees will never tell you about Al Walaa’ wal Baraa’ (1)

These qawaid (principles) were taken from a book entitled Haqeeqatu Walaa wal Baraa fe Kitaab wa Sunnah Bayna Tahreeful Ghaleen wa Ta’weel al Jahileen: The reality of allegiance and disavowalment (disassociation) from the Book and the Sunnah between the distortion of those who go to extremes and the false interpretation of the ignorant.

The author is Isaam bin Abdullah Asinaanee and the book was read by and introduced by Sheikh Saalih bin Fawzaan al Fawzaan.

Principle one:

Even though Allah sent Muhammad (salalla alahi wasalam) to remove shirk and the worship of idols and Kufr from the Earth so that the deen (worship) could be exclusively for Allah as it was narrated by Amru bin Abasa Asulamee (radi allaahu anhu) when he came to Mecca and approached the Prophet (salalla allaahu alahi waslam) he said “So I said to him what are you? He (salalla allahi wasalam) said “I am a Prophet. So I said; “What is a Prophet? ” So he said; “Allah sent me.” So I said; “What has Allah sent you with”? He said; “He sent me to join relations of the womb to break the idols and to single Allah out with worship and not make any partners with Him in anything”. (Sahih Muslim Vol 3 pg 208 & pg 832).

Despite this fact Islaam has allowed the original kafirs (kuffar al aslieen) from the people who have been given protection in the Islamic State (Ahlu Dhimma) and the people who have a peace treaty, This also is the same for the people who have been given temporary safe passage and residence in the Muslim countries to remain upon their Kufr (disbelief) and Islam did not force them to enter the deen of Al Islam. Allah (Subhana wa ta ‘ala) said “There is no compulsion in religion”. (Surah Baqarah Ayah 256) and this does not negate the Aqeedah (belief) of al Walaa wal Baraa.

Rather Islam takes care of them and protects them and establishes their rights and it does not oppress them if they are under the Islamic jurisdiction. Muslim narrated that Hisham bin Hakeem bin Hizaam passed by some people from Anbaat in Shaam and they were standing in the sun so he said; “Whats wrong with them”? They are waiting to pay the jizyah so Hisham said “I bear witness that I heard Rasulullah (salalla allaahu alahi wasalam) say; “Allaah will punish those who punish people in this worldly life”; So he(Hisham) said the leader (of this place) at that time was Umayr bin Saad so I went to him and narrated the hadeeth and he ordered those people to be freed (from standing in the sun). Ahkhaam Ahlu Dhimmma of Ibn Qayuum vol1 pg 34 under the chapter. It is not permissible to charge them with that which they are unable to do and not to punish them for that and not to imprison them nor to beat them.

Translated and posted by Jafar

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