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A Response and a request to the brother from Leicester

Background Information:

On Monday the 22nd of February brother Dawud from Leicester and the editor of the blog called the leicesterislamicstandard posted on a known Ikhwani website which openly supports and defends Syed Qutb a short but quite a serious accusation against the Brixton Masjid in South London. When Dawud posted this qadurullah I happened to be with the Imam of the Brixton Masjid and their media reprensetative the post was as follows:

Re: Counter-Terrorism ‘Expert’ Uses Madkhalees Against the Mujahideen”

Assalaamu alaykum,

the police in Leicester have told me they went to a big conference at Brixton Masjid where police from all over Britain were invited and told to use the Salafees (fake saudi supporting madkhalis he means) to spy on and arrest other Muslims (End of quote)

Firstly I want to ask you about your source you said the police in Leicester if these police were Muslims then according to your principles they are murtad(apostate) but ill assume that they were not muslims then according to the Islam the news and narrations are not accepted from the Kuffar until they are verified

Allaah said” O you who beleive if a Fasiq (liar evil person) comes to you with any news verify it lest you should harm people in ingnorance and afterwards you become regertful for what you have done”. (Surah Hujaraat Ayah 6)

So did you pick up the phone and ask the administration from Brixton Masjid if this was true?

Also could you please send me  the name and contact details  for this policeman and I can ask him myself as when I asked the administration from Brixton Masjid they new nothing about such meeting and if you are unable to verify these acusations can you please make a public withdrawral of your accusations as you made it a public accussation and your spying accusations is quite serious as it dealing with the honour of the Muslims and spreading discord amongst their ranks.

Secondly I would also kindly request you to not call Salafees Madkalees as this implies Salafees do blind following of Sheikh Rabee al Madkhalee and the reality is that the Salafees are the furthest away from doing any kind of blind following except to rasullallah (salla alahi waslam).

I await your response  Jafar

  1. Dawud
    March 4, 2010 at 11:19

    assalaamu alaykum Jafar,

    may Allah swt keep you in good health and imaan and help you in the Da’wah, reward you twice where you are correct, and once where you are not for the noble intention of helping brothers see the correct aqeedah and manhaj of the salafi way with this site and the other da’wah work I know you do.

    In this you are certainly correct, I am mistaken, no not only mistaken but sinful in that I didn’t check with the brothers from brixton, instead I put two and two together and came up with five, making a massive error in my deen, causing disunity to the da’wah and others to think badly of my brothers.

    I hope you would accept this is out character, as i am normally the one trying to bring brothers who claim the salafi manhaj together, to try to see if differences are reconcilable and if not whether they are legitimate differences or not.

    I had heard from others, and it was foolish of me to believe it without checking first that brothers leading the jammat at brixton believed it to be permissable, no wajib to spy upon other muslims, I have heard this over and over again that they perpetrated this evil act but without proof it is only slander and I should have rejected it as such but instead I allowed myself to be swayed without solid evidence and to think badly about my muslim brothers with no just cause or evidence.

    When a policeman had then spoken this allegation to me I had believed him, it confirming what others had already spoken to me and so sinning again by taking the word of a kafir against a Muslim without checking the facts with the brothers in question.

    I am at the moment not working, and as such didnt have money to call you but was waiting a few days to get my free minutes to call you as I wanted to ask for the imams number there at brixton so I could apologise in person and clear this mess up I have made in taking the word of this kafir on such a serious matter as although I have emailed them apologising, I dont feel this is enough to undo the damage I have done and if I had the money I would go to Brixton in person to apologise to the imam as I have wronged these brothers and in they dont know I am sorry for my fault in this how can they forgive me?

    Finally, by using the term Madkhali, I am not implying blind following, but more pointing out the differences amongst those who attempt to follow the Salafi Manhaj but have their differences and it is a lot more polite a term than the labels used by overly harsh brothers on either side of debate amongst the salafis when it comes to certain issues and I did not mean it is a derogatory or insulting manner.

    RE the policeman in question, as he has already lied to me once but he doesn’t know that I know. So I am going to wait until next time he contacts me and record his answers so he can be exposed as the liar and fraud he is so that no other brothers fall into error by his word again.

    We should look at the actions and words of this policeman as well as the ones of the video clip on the discussion thread and ask why have they put this information and ideas out in the public domain? what do they gain by it?

    The effect if such misinformation is deliberately being spread is the continuing split of the Salafi Dawah movement, further entrenchment of suspicion and ill feelings towards each other, harsh words and name calling which is all in the interest of the authorities and not in the interests of the Da’wah or the wider Muslim jammah.

    Allah willing I will expose this policeman, but in the mean time please accept this apology and pass it on to the brothers at Brixton and ask them to forgive me for my mistakes in slandering them.

    I have done my best to undo the damage, retracting my comments on Islamicawakening.com and contacting the brothers I have told personally about these allegations in the past to inform them they are false and should never be repeated again.

    Assalaamu Alaykum,

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