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Conditions of Jihad: Correct aims and objectives (3)

These conditions were taken from a book called Al Jihad Anwarnuha wa Ahkaamuha wal had Afaasul Baynahu wa Bayna Fawda (Jihad its Types and its Rulings and a Clear Distinction between it and Anarchy).  The book was written by Sheikh Dr Hamd bin Ibraheem al Uthmaan and was read and introduced by Sheikh Saalih Saad al-Suhaimi al-Harbi.

Condition three

Sheikh Uthmaan said; “There is no doubt having a clear flag is from the most important conditions of Jihad .So the flag that it is compulsory for the Muslims to fight under is the flag that fulfils the aims and objectives of Jihad and that is that the deen should be exclusively for Allah. (End of quote)

The Most High said; “And fight them until there is no more fitna (disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah and (all and every kind of) worship is for Allah (alone)”. (Surah Al Baqarah Ayah 193)

On the authority of Abu Hurairah (radi allahau anhu) said the Messenger of Allah (salla alahi wasalam) said; “Whoever fights under a blind flag and he gets angry for the sake of nationalism or calls to nationalism or gives victory to nationalism his fighting is a fighting of ignorance”. (Muslim Vol 3 No 1848)

Sheikh ul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah (rahimullah) said in Iqtada Siraatul Mustaqeem Vol 1 pg 249), “It is called a blind flag because it is an affair that is blind which the direction of it is not known also the  fighting for nationalism is without knowledge of whether this fighting is permissible or not .

Sheikh ul Islaam also said in Al Iqnaaiyatu pg 483-484, “The Book and the Sunnah  makes the affair of Jihad known and it mentions  its virtues, but it is obligatory to know the legislated Jihad that Allah and His Messenger ordered from the Jihad that is innovated. The Jihad of the people of misguidence are those that do Jihad in the obedience of Shaitaan, and they think they are Mujahidoon in the obedience of the Most Merciful like the Jihad of the people of bidah and desires like the Khawarij and their likes those that do Jihad against Ahlu Islaam (the Muslims)”.

Sheikh Hamd Uthmaan also said pg 186(Jihad and its types) “Jihad has been legislated to establish the deen and to protect the blood of the Muslims and to preserve their honour and two guard and protect their lands“.

Translated and posted by Jafar ibn ruel Jeffrey

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