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Seven principles that the Takfiri’s will never tell you about al Walaa wal Baraa (4)

These Qawaid (principles) were taken from a book entitled Haqeeqatu Walaa wal Baraa fe Kitaab wa Sunnah Bayna Tareef Ghaleen wa Ta’weel Al Jahileen: The Reality of Allegiance and Disavowalment (disassociation) in the Book and the Sunnah between the distortion of those who go to extremes and the false interpretation of the ignorant, (pg 115). The book was written by Dr Isaam bin Abdullah Asinanee and has been read and introduced by Sheikh Saalih Fawan al Fawzaan.

Principle four

Allegiance (walaa) is obligatory for the people of Islam (the Muslims) if their affairs are in agreement with the obedience to Allah and His Messenger. As for if they fall into differing, then none of  them is more deserving of allegiance than the other until we look at which of them is more in compliance with Islam. The Ummah of Islam since a long period of time have not gathered under one leader. So the situation has turned into one where every country has its own leader its own laws and agreements. Neccesity has called for this situation.

Sheikul Islaam Ibn Taymeeyah said in Majmoo’a Fatawaa Vol 24 pg 175 “The Sunnah is that the Muslims should be under one ruler and the rest of the leaders should be his governors so if some of the Ummah leave this situation sinfully and the rest of the Ummah is unable (to bring them back). So in this case the Muslims have a number of leaders and  it is compulsory for every leader to establish the capital punishments and to give every one their rights”. (End of quote)

Sheikh Muhhamad ibn Abdul Wahaab said in Duroor Saniya Vol 9 pg  5) said; “The lmams of every Mathab have agreed that whoever takes hold by force of a country or countries he has the right of leadership and to implement the laws in all affairs. And if this was not the case the worldly affairs would never be set straight because the people for a very long time before Imaam Ahmed to this present day have not gathered under one Imaam and it is not known from anyone of the Ulama that they mentioned anything about the rulings (of the Sharia) are not correct except with the great Imaam (khaleefah)”.

Translated and posted by Jafar Ibn ruel Jeffrey

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