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Seven principles the Takfiri’s will never tell you about the issue of Al Walaa wal Baraa (5)

These Qawaaid (principles) were taken from a book entitled Haqeeqatu Walaa wal Baraa fe Kitaab wa Sunnah Bayna Tareef Ghaleen wa Ta’weel Al Jahileen: The Reality of Allegiance and Disavowalment (disassociation) in the Book and the Sunnah between the distortion of those who go to extremes and the false interpretation of the ignorant, (pg 122). The book was written by Dr Isaam bin Abdullah Asinanee and has been read and introduced by Sheikh Saalih Fawzan al Fawzaan.

The fifth principle

“The Muslims countries differ in their situation and this affects our implementation of Al Walaa wal Baraa to them”.

“The reason for this either because of the lack of rulings of Islam being implemented upon them, or because most of the Sharia is present there, or because of the wide spread Shirk in worship from those who call upon the dead and false gods (Tawageet). So they make them an intermediary between themselves and Allah without this being rejected from the people of those countries, not from the general people or from their scholars, or from their rulers. Rather its possible if the people of Tawheed and Sunnah reject this (Shirk), they insult them with names like Wahaabi or Khawaarij or accuse you of bringing a fifth mathhab”.

(End of quote)

Editors comment: If we followed this principle sincerely we would have more walaa (allegiance, love) for a country like Saudi Arabia because of most of the Sharia is being implemented there. The Knowledge of Tawheed is being disseminated there by the Ulama and there is a constant war against Shirk being waged there, but what is strange is that you will find the Takferees and the Sufis having the most hatred and venom for thisparticular country in general and for their scholars in specific. (Wala hawla wa la quwata ila billah) 

Posted and translated by Jafar

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