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Seven principles that the Takfiri’s will never tell you about the issue of al Walaa wal Baraa (7)

These Qawaaid (principles) were taken from a book entitled Haqeeqatu Walaa wal Baraa fe Kitaab wa Sunnah Bayna Tareef Ghaleen wa Ta’weel Al Jahileen: The Reality of Allegiance and Disavowalment (disassociation) in the Book and the Sunnah between the distortion of those who go to extremes and the false interpretation of the ignorant, (pg 216). The book was written by Dr Isaam bin Abdullah Asinanee and has been read and introduced by Sheikh Saalih Fawzan al Fawzaan.

Principle Seven

Islam allows the Muslim Muwahid to protect the enemies from the enemies of Allah the Kuffar so that their blood becomes protected and it is not permissible for any Muslim no matter who he is to harm this Non Muslim. If he does he will be under a tremendous threat (of being punished) and this (principle) does not negate the Aqeedah of Baraa from the Kafireen and hatred of them. The Most High said “And if anyone of the Mushrikun seeks your protection then grant him protection so that he may hear the word of Allah then escort him to where he can be secure. That is because they are men who know not”. (Surah Taubah Ayah 6)

It has been narrated by Imaams Bukhari and Muslim on Ali (radiallahu anhu) that the Prophet (salla alla alahi wasalam) said; “The protection of the Muslims are one. They are all equal in their protection (they give). So whoever breaks the protection of a Muslim, for him is the curse of Allah and the angels and all of mankind no compulsory actions will be accepted from him nor any superrogatory actions”. (Sahih Bukhari Vol 6 pg 315 Hadeeth 3172 & Sahih Muslim Vol 4 pg489 Hadeeth No1370).

Imam Nawaawi said in Sharh Sahih Muslim Vol 9 pg 146 “What is intentended by dhima is saftey and that the saftey and security of the Muslims is correct. It is haram for somebody else to harm him as long as he  has got security of the Muslims and the security has known conditions”.

Translated by Jafar ibn ruel Jeffrey

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