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***Former rapper Loon visits Leicester!***

A former rapper visited Masjid Furqan in our city this past weekend and caused quite a stir and a bit of a roadblock.

His visit to Leicester has caused a bit of a debate in the Salafi and wider Muslim community. The cynics on one hand say this is a form of foolish story telling used to make monetary gain and a way for ex “celebrities” to cash in on their past fame. They point out that these ex rappers only tour and tell their story in the UK and European mainland as nobody is interested in their story in the US. They also say that many of the people who came to Masjid Furqan were youth who don’t practice Islam and don’t cover and in fact only came to hear about what the brother left behind in his Jahiliya (pre Islam).

The pro group say the brother is Salafi and by him telling his story that this may be a cause for many people to enter Islam and then possibly be guided to Salafiya. They further point out this a way to attract many of the wayward youth back to Islam because the youth find the conventional lessons and lectures in the Masajid boring. Another point they bring is that there are usually Salafi graduates from universities such as Medina and students of knowledge from places like Dammaj in Yemen who tour with these ex rappers and give beneficial lectures alongside them.

My opinion is that Alhamdullilah these ex singers/ rappers are entering Islam and Salafiya. As for whether there will be any long term benefit, the jury is out.

What do you think?

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  1. Dawud
    March 9, 2010 at 17:35

    Assalaamu alaykum,

    he also did a talk at dmu as well a week or two ago as part of islam awareness week. I would agree with the point of view of him calling people away from jahil lifestyles, many people muslim and non muslim attend his talks and leave with a zeal for the deen and not every da’ee has to be a graduate of the islamic universities, some are just charismatic or good speakers.

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