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Is there such a group known as Madkhalee Salafees?

First who is Sheikh Rabee Haade al Madklalee and why is he despised so much?

Sheikh Rabee Ibn Haadee al Madkhalee is one of the Salafi Scholars that currently resisdes in Mecca, Saudi Arabia and is well known for refuting those that have fallen into error (Radd ala Muklalafeen) from the people of bidah and the people of Sunnah.

One of the most famous books Sheikh Rabee authored is Manhaj al Anbiya fi Dawa illall (The Methodology of the Prophets in calling to Allah). In this book Sheikh Rabee clarified the mistakes of Abul A`laa al Maududi (rahimullah) and Syed Qutub (rahimullalllah) and also the methdology of the Ikwanul Muslimeen in their trying to acheive political power. Sheikh Rabee demonstrated they differed with the Prophets in their calling to Allah.

It is becauuse of his refutation on the likes of Syed Qutub, who the Ikwanees and Jihadees championed as a Shaheed and a scholar that so much hatred has been directed to the Sheikh from the Muslims who have been affected by this political dawah which has led to the use of insulting names towards the Salafees who may follow a particular opinion of the Sheikh on a particular person. Hence the Salafees have been named the as “Madkhalees”.

Simular to this is the insults that are directed to the Salafees from amongst the Sufis and others who call the Salafees ‘Wahabees’. So if you were to ask them what is a ‘Wahabee’ or the principles of ‘Wahabiya’ or their creed and how it opposes the Sunnah, typically you will find a deafening silence. And if you ask the people who insult the Salafees with the name ‘Madkhalees” how do the ‘Madhkalees’ oppose the Sunnah or what are their principles, likewise you will also find a deafening silence.

Another point that  needs to be highlighted is that Sheikh bin Baz, Sheikh Albanee and Sheikh Uthaymeen were on a higher level of scholarship than that of Sheikh Rabee and their fatawaa are much more often referred to yet we don’t find the political activists calling the Salafees Albanees, Bazees or Uthaymeens and these scholars all had the same ‘Aqeedah’ and ‘Manhaj’.

So why the need to use insulting names like ‘Salafee Madklalees’ or ‘Extreme Madhkalees’?

The reason has been stated before which is that Sheikh Rabee refuted the heads of Ikwani Muslimeen which the Jammatul Jihad was in fact an offshoot of the Ikwani Muslimeen, so this angered these groups and thus the insults came piling in.

So what is the Salafi position towards Sheikh Rabee?

The Salafi position towards Sheikh Rabee is the same as it is towards the other scholars of this Ummah and that is that we respect them and honour them, their statements and fatawaa which can be accepted or rejected based upon the evidences (Adila) put forward by them.

But as for blind following them, it is permissible to blind follow them in a specific issue if the common Muslim is unable to weigh up the evidences and choose the correct position. For example, it is permissible to follow the opinion of Sheikh Albanee on his opinions about whether a certain hadeeth is saheeh or not, as most Muslims do not know the ‘Science of Hadeeth‘, likewise it permissible to blind follow the Sheikh Rabee on a specific issue of criticising an individual for the one who is unable to weigh up the evidences without being labeled a Madkhalee.

We recognise that certain Salafee individuals may have not always presented the dawah in the best light and are known for harsness in some affairs, but to label all Salafees with derogatory names is unjust, and Allah’s help is sought.

by Jafar