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Why study Tawheed?

Inshallah what I will do for this small post is give about seven reasons for studying Tawheed and the evidence for this in an easy to understand way.

(1) The greatness of a knowledge is determined by the greatness of the matter being studied. Hence Tawheed is the greatest of all subjects since it deals with knowledge of Allah in terms of his Lordship, worshipping him and his names and attributes.

(2) That the one who practices Tawheed enters Jannah and there are several Ahadeeth on this matter. One of them is narrated in Saheeh Muslim where the Prophet said: “Whomsoever bears witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad is his Messenger and that Jesus is the Slave of Allah and the son of his Female servant. And that Jannah is truth and the hellfire is truth Allah will enter him into Jannah in any of its eight doors he pleases.”

(3) It is important to understand the Tawheed of the Prophets and Messengers. We find that many Muslims because they do not understand the Tawheed that the Messengers came to rectify fall into major Shirk. They believe that La Ilaha Ill Allah means that there is no God, Creator, Protector etc. other than Allah. This is an incorrect meaning since:

(i) The Kuffar of the Quraish believed that Allah was the only creatorm sustainer, protector but yet this did not enter them into Islam.

(ii) That saying that there is no creator except Allah does not negate the worship of idols, prophets, saints etc.

Rather the meaning of La Ilaha Ill Allah is that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah and that all other beings are not worthy of worship.

(4) From Tawheed we learn how to love Allah. Some people say that they love Allah however their love is a blind and passionate love and not love based upon knowledge. However, Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah love Allah through knowing him by his names and attributes hence it is love upon insight.

(5) Also once we have a proper understanding of La Ilaha Ill Allah we would have a proper perspective of the religion of Allah. And in this juncture I will be a bit detailed.

We as Muslims have groups that do the following:

Call to political activism

Call toward Mauluud and Ta’zeem

Call toward Madhabism

Call toward Partisanship

Call toward armed revolution and insurgency.

Call toward having the Muslims under one giant umbrella regardless of belief.

All of this in the name of Islam. However, once we understand Tawheed we would be one united force calling to it. Allah said: “And verily this is your Ummah who is one Ummah and I am your Lord therefore worship me.”

And this brings me to my other point;

(6) Tawheed is the united force of the Ummah. Once the Ummah practice Tawheed as it supposed to be practiced then the Ummah would be united upon truth. Not upon race, partisanship or personality. Rather it would be upon the oneness of Allah.

(7) Tawheed is that which would make the Muslims strong. For whomsoever argues for it will conquer his opponent. And Allah has promised those who worship him and do not make Shirk that he would place them as rulers over the earth. And if we reflect we would see:

The Messenger was helped over his rivals because he preached Tawheed.

Imam Ahmad was succesful because he preached Tawheed

Imam Ibn Taymeeyah was succesful over the tatars because he preached and practiced Tawheed.

And the list goes on. Therefore let us take a lesson from this. Learn tawheed and practice it. And one of its provisions is to love the people of Tawheed and Sunnah. Because you would find people worldwide who claim to be upon this way but they are soft to the people of Shirk and innovation and are harsh and brutal to those upon Tawheed and Sunnah and this is not correct and in fact this shows that their understanding of Tawheed and the Sunnah is deficient because as we learnt from the Ulama:

That with Tawheed comes with loving the people of Tawheed and associating with them and helping them. Additionally what is derived from it is that they hate the people of Shirk and disassociate from them.

And with the Sunnah we must love the people of the Sunnah, associate with them and help them. And we must dislike the people of innovation and disassociate from them.

However, some people switch it around and we ask Allah’s protection from misguidance.

May Allah help us to see the importance of this subject.


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