Know your scholars!!!

The scholars who should be followed have certain qualities and characteristics that set them apart from others.

In this issue we will begin mentioning some of these qualities. They are as follows:

• Memorization of the Qur’aan – from the heart.
• Memorization of the pure Sunnah of the Prophet  – They have knowledge and understanding based on the fiqh of the companions of the Prophet  and the textual evidences from the Book and the Sunnah. They have knowledge of the Sahaabah’s and nderstanding that which the sahaabah took from the Qur’aan and the Sunnah.
• In addition to these scholars having nderstanding of the Qur’aan and he Sunnah, they take the fiqh of the Sahaabah and utilize it.

• They honor the knowledge of the Qur’aan and the Sunnah of the Prophet , holding it in high steem. They also honor the Sahaabah
and recognize their status. They honor and consider the opinions of hose who preceded them in knowledge from amongst the Salaf.

• They stop wherever the evidence stops. Once there is evidence theyput aside their own opinions and statements and they adhere to the truth, whatever it may be.

Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah رحمه الله points out;

“This group stops wherever the daleel (evidence) stops and they love with the daleel wherever the d aleel moves. Once there is evidence they adhere to it, take it, and they go to it collectively and individually”.

The textual evidences are more magnificent in their hearts  than the statements of anyone else. They do not put any analogy or
opinion before the textual evidence.
• They are cautious and take their time before passing any type of religious  ruling (fatwa) i.e. they are not hasty. Additionally, they would prefer that if someone else is capable, that person should pass the religious  ruling instead of having to do it themselves. They are also cautious in the areas where they have no knowledge on a particular issue. If at a given moment they do not have at the forefront of their mind the evidence for a particular issue they will refrain from answering.
• They are concerned about conveying knowledge and passing it on to others, as well as teaching and instructing others in the knowledge that they have been given.
• They are preoccupied with knowledge and putting it into practice.
• When they deal with knowledge, whether conveying it or acquiring it, they start with that which is most important and then that which is important – there is prioritisation. This is done without becoming bored or tired, although it is something that they do constantly.

• They have great concern for knowledge and for the areas of Tawheed and the Sunnah. They are concerned that nothing touches these aspects of our Deen.
• They are the ones who stand in defense of the Qur’aan, the Sunnah, and the Deen in general.

Part 4 of a series based on a lecture from by Shaykh Ahmed Al-Munayee, Professor at Imaam Muhammad Islamic University

  1. Um
    May 2, 2010 at 08:27

    Barakallahu feek that is very beneficial. People calling to this sheik and that some of whom thnk they themselves are sheiks but don;t even meet the 1st criteria -know the whole Quran

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