Our private sitting with Sheik Fawzaan Part 1

On the 7th april 2010 I and a group of around ten brothers from different parts of the UK met with Sheikh Fawzaan in his office right after Salatul Thur which we prayed behind him.

The Sheikhs advice was based on how to deal with the Salafees in the UK who try to expose the mistakes of  of some of the Mashayk and warn against their fellow Salafees.

Sheikh Fawzaan was asked by my friend and collegue Abu Luqmaan al Magribee the following:

Question:We used to be altogether in the UK upon the correct manhaj calling to Allah and then some of us broke away and started to expose the mistakes of the Mashayak and called for the abandoment of their brothers. Should we stay with these brothers or should we leave them?

Answer: The sheikh smiled then answered;

If you see in staying with these brothers that you will have a good affect upon them, then stay with them and if you see that your staying with them will have no affect on them then leave them”. 

POSTED by Jafar ibn ruel Jeffrey



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