Al-Muhajiroun come to Leicester

After the being turfed out of Brixton by the Brixton salafi community and run off the streets of luton,by the salafis of Luton,their dawah being rejected by the wider Luton community.Al Muhajiroun have driven further up the M1 with their tails between their legs to see if they can spread the dawah of the khwarig in the fertile city of Leicester to the unsuspecting Muslim youth here.

This weekend Al-Muhajiroun are staging a “state of the Ummah conference” in Leicester and their followers can be seen in the city centre handing out flyers for this event.

The methodology of this group is Simular to the other contemporary takferi/khawrig groups which can be summarized in as follows:

The Overthrowing of all Muslim rulers and in particular the Saudi government (as they deem them to be apostates because of not ruling with the sharia or making Allegiance to the kuffar )so they can then establish a global Islamic state.

Al-Muhajiroun are well known for the following
1.Declaring the salafi ulama to be “apostates” for propping up “apostates governments”,they also call the trustworthy ulama derogatory names such as Scholars for dollars in order for the Muslim youth to turn away from the trustworthy ulama of this ummah.

2.Blind following of Omar bakri(an electrician) and amjed choudry(a lawyer) both of whom have not studied under any Ulama nor graduated from any recognized Islamic University.

3.constantly changing the name of their group to avoid detection from the UK authorities to avoid becoming a prescribed(banned organisation)In recent years they have changed their name from al-Muhajiroun to al-Guraba to alfirqutun najiya to ahlu sunnah wal Jammah,to “salafi youth for Islamic propagation”to Islam for uk and now they can be seen in Leicester city centre calling themselves”Dawahtul falah”
4.Doing publicity stunts such as the the planned wotten basset march and demonstrations against returning uk soldiers from from places like Iraq and Afghanistan.
They do these publicity stunts so that it can give an Impression to the general Muslims that they are enjoining the good and forbidding the evil and that for the unsuspecting Muslim youth believe they are the only group standing up for the truth and against oppression so they will then join them in their misguidance.These demonstrations are an evil Bidah and a blind following of the kuffar which has no basis in Islam.

I ask Allah to make their dawah fail in our city as it has failed in other cities of the uk ameen.

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