How do we deal with ahlu bidah?

Because of the Danger of bidah and the many misconceptions that affect people due to bidah.The ulama have layed down principles on how do deal with ahlu bidah. The reason is because the Bidah is not one Level with regards to its corruption in the deen. The innovators are different , some of them are well known for their bidah and some of them are unknown (for their bidah). From them(the innovators) are those that call to bidah ,and some of them are not like that, and from them and are those who practice bidah openly, and from them are those who practice bidah privately.Also from them are those that don’t impose bidah on the people and from them are those that impose bidah on the people, and from them are those that practices bidah due to ignorance.Also Allah has misguided some of them while they had knowledge.

Every category from these categories (of innovators) has a specific ijtihad if there is nothing in the Islamic legislation.

The first way:We guide them and teach them and establish the proofs on them an example of this like the instance when Ibn Abbass went to the Khawarij and he debated with them until 4000 of them returned to the truth

the second way:Is the two forms of abandoment no kalam or Salam and this was narrated from Umar(radiullah anhu) on how he dealt with Sabeegh bin eslin

The third way:Shun them as Umar dealt with Sabeegh bin eslin

The fourth way:Imprison them as was done with Hallag before he was killed

The fifth way:Mention them publicly with regards to what they are upon so that they become aware of this so they will take heed in the hope that they will change their speech

The sixth way:They are killed(by the muslim ruler) if they declare emnity to the muslims and rebel against them like how ali(radiallahu anhu)dealt with the khawarij
the seventh wayThey are judged with kufr from whoever(from the ulama)can show evidence to his kufr like if his bidah is clear kufr like those who call to hulool(indwelling of Allah in his creation) like the baatiniya

The eighth way:they do not inherit nor are they inherited from neither are they washed when they die neither are they prayed over neither are they buried in the graveyard of the muslims(If their bidah reaches the level of kufr akbar)
The ninth way:
We do not marry from them and this is connected to the two forms of abandomement(no kalam and no salam) and having no connection to them.
The tenth way:
criticising them genrally so we dont accept from them their testimony nor their narrations neither do put them in position of leadership or judges or make them Imams who lead the prayer and deliver the khutbah of Jummah

the eleventh way:abandoning visiting their sick and this is from the angle of rebuking them and punishing them

The twelfth way: abandoning attending their funerals as the prophet said the qadariya are the majoos of this ummah if they fall sick dont visit them and when they die dont attend their funerals(abu dawood albani graded it hasan)
The thirteenth way:
Beat them as Umar(radiallahanhu) beat sabeegh
These principles in dealing with ahlu bidah are derived from the book and the sunnah and from the guidance the noble companions(radi allahu anhum).
abriged and translated by Jafar Ibn ruel Jeffrey taken from the book dawabit altabdee by Sheikh Muhammed bin saeed araslan

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