Good news for the Dawa Salafiyah in Leicester

Our Salafee brothers from the shri-lankan community here in Leicester have secured the contract to purchase a half a million pound building on the Loughborough road.The building Which is Owned by the Shia but was not being used by them as the shia community was not big enough to sustain the upkeep of the building.Our Brothers beat of competition to buy the building from The Hindus who actually put in a higher bid but lost out as The owners did not want their building to be come a place of Idol Worship,They also beat of competition from the Afghan Shia community who`s bid was too low.We ask Allaah Subhaan wataala with his Asmaa Husnaa and his High attributes to make this new Masjid a cause for spreading tawheed and Sunnah in our city and beyond.The building consists of the following.

•Located at: 127, Loughborough Road, Leicester.
•The building is late Victorian traditional solid brick.
•The building total floor area 5,544 ft
•The premises have D1 License (Worship License).
•Front car park 27 meter long and 15 meter wide.

Rear car park 19 meter long and 15 meter wide

•Altogether 40  Car Park Spaces
•9 Rooms + 2 Basement Rooms
•2 Large Prayer Halls
•2 Wash Rooms
–6 Toilets
–12  Taps
–Baby nappy changing  facility.
•Huge Balcony
•Large Library Area
•One Storage Room
•One Shoe Rack Area.
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