Teaching Jamaa’at at Tableegh

Teaching Jamaa’at at Tableegh

Shaykh Muqbil ibn Haadee al-Waadi’ee

Reference: Ar Rihlatul Akheerah: P. 219
Category: Da’wah

Should we as Muslims talk about some brothers such as Jamaa’at at Tableegh and lower them from their status or their efforts while they do not have sufficient knowledge, or is it better to teach them if we have knowledge rather than criticize and battle them?

Will they accept your teachings? Or does the affair depend on their Ameer, and the affair of the Ameer depends on or is tied to India. They will not accept.

Ibn Baaz went to them one time according to what I was told, and they got up and left him! I also went to them, I got up and spoke without asking for permission, all of them got up and left and no one remained except the brother who came with me!

In addition to this, one accompanies them for forty years and remains upon his same Bid’ah and state of ignorance! An example of this is that an Egyptian man named Fahmee accompanied them for forty years, and it seems that he loves good, I saw him in the Haram one day calling the people to recite the Faatihah to him, and he is to be thanked for that. However one day he was in the home of a brother of ours from Ahulus Sunnah in Madeenah and Shaykh ‘Abdullaah Al Hantook asked him:

“Where is Allaah O Shaykh?”

He replied:

“Allaah is everywhere!”

He remained upon his same innovated ‘Aqeedah while having accompanied them for forty years.

A third point is that one may travel with them while not knowing anything, they then tell him that it is his turn to give ‘Bayaan’. He does not know anything, Miskeen. The brother Muhammad Sawwaal from the people of Dhamaar informed me – and he is a brave, truthful person who loves Ahulus Sunnah – that he was once with them, he said:

“I went to the main base and they said to me: “Get up (and speak) O Muhammad.”

I said:

“I do not know anything; I do not know anything to talk about.”

They said:

“The Ameer said you should get up.”

He got up, he looked at the crowd and the saliva in his mouth dried up (i.e. he got real nervous). He started stuttering, he couldn’t say one word, so he put the Mushaf (copy of the Qur-aan) on top of his head and started saying to the people:

“Hold on to this Mushaf!”

That was all he was able to do, and he started hitting the (walls?) with his hands like this [the Shaykh, may Allaah have mercy upon him, must have been showing them physically]. He then started crying at his state, the Ameer then got up and said:

“The Shaykh is crying due to the fear of Allaah!”

Ahlus Sunnah, due to the bounties of Allaah, you will not travel with them except that you would return with some benefits, and I do not say just one benefit. I traveled once with Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul Wahaab, Jazaahu Allaahu Khayra, to Ub, we were at Masjid ‘Abul Jabaar Al Hashaash.

Translator: Nadir Ahmad, Abu Abdul-Waahid
  1. shehzadsattar
    February 3, 2013 at 03:02

    This is true. I was forced to stand up when I did not want to. I can’t believe I was standing and attempting to call to Allah without any knowledge.

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