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The Difference between a Student of Knowledge and a Student of the Internet

The Difference betwen a Student on knowledge and a Student of the Internet By Shaykh Abeu Malik Abdul Hameed (may Allah preserve him) A Student of knowledge: He is the one who before doing anything fixes his soul. Then he maintains his soul to upright character. Therefore he becomes an example for others, in his character and manners. The student of knowledge strives for knowledge and benefit. The seeker of ilm does his utmost to sit with scholarly men, people of piety and in circles of knowledge. The person striving to learn his deen constantly equips himself with beneficial knowledge and information. He safeguards his time. Hence you don’t see him involved in things which are useless. The student of knowledge turns away from things that don’t concern him, and busies himself with things that affect him. Whenever he speaks, he brings benefit to the people, and when he writes it’s beneficial. Furthermore whoever sits with him ,learns something. He gives precedence to knowledge, its people, consequently benefitting from them. As result of this he honors the people of knowledge; he supplicates for them, and asks Allah to have mercy and forgiveness for the deceased scholars. The Talibul Ilm hates backbiting, abhors the backbiters and detests anyone’s name mentioned in a bad light. Another thing to notice about the student of knowledge is, he’s humble, he doesn’t raise himself above his level. He doesn’t act like he’s loaded with something he really can’t offer. This student isn’t misled by people praises of him, people blowing him up to be a big shot, or their extolment of him. The student of knowledge doesn’t want to be famous, so he doesn’t seek fame from the people. Reason being, he knows that it’s Allah who raises the people and gives them rank, not such and such. This seeker of knowledge is one who calls to Allah and advises the Muslims. He enjoins what’s right and forbids what’s wrong based on the Islamic principles and guidelines. You will notice that the student of knowledge is always trying to unite the Muslims and their hearts. He can’t stand division between the people of the Sunnah. He is well aware that division is connected to innovation, and unity is connected to the Sunnah. For that reason it is said, “ Ahulus Sunnah wal Jama’a and Ahul Bid’ah wal Farqa”. Moreover, you will notice that the student of ilm is shy to speak. He doesn’t speak about everything or every affair that happens among the people. He remains silent, because he knows that he will be called to account for his words, the same way for his actions. Hence, he safeguards his own well being in his speech and actions. He won’t open a door to evil for the general masses. The Talibul Ilm doesn’t embark on issues of falsehood and deal with things he’s unaware of. That’s why; he enters into issues with clarity. He is aware of them inside and out. He is prepared for the meeting with Allah. These are some of the traits of the student of Knowledge. May Allah give them to us-Ameen The student of the Internet. First of all, he doesn’t have any of the traits we mentioned, as this is witnessed. The student of the net is shameless in his character. He displays arrogant behavior towards people. The student of the World Wide Web wastes his time in things that are fruitless. He attacks anyone, regardless if they are a minor or senior. He hurls his assault without maintaining the reverence of knowledge, age, or its people. The student of the internet learns hatred, he follows the mistakes and slip ups of others. These are the fruits of learning from the internet. The student on this path days and years remain empty. He is unable to relax and the people can’t feel at ease from his harm and evil. In conclusion, if you want to be a student of knowledge, here you are! Take the path. The milestones have been laid out for you. On the other hand if you want to be a student of the internet, there you are! There is the way. That path is full with filth and rubbish. So disgrace yourself, if you want to be a student of the net, but beware of lying to the people claiming you’re a STUDENT OF KNOWLEDGE! Taken from the Shaykh’s website: http://abumalik.net/play.php?catsmktba=1583 Translated by Abu Aaliyah Abdullah ibn Dwight Battle – Adam Doha, Qatar 1431 ©

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