Who are the khawarij?

Imam barbarharee  said In sharh us Sunnah point number 29(point 33 english trans)” Whoever Rebels against a muslim ruler is one of the khawaarij has caused dissent within the muslims and has contradicted the narrations and dies a death of the days of Ignorance(Jaahiliyyah).

Sheikh fawzaan said explaining this point said”whoever rebels against the ruler using as a proof that the ruler is sinful or does  things that oppose the sharia as the khawarij done then this person takes the ruling that he is from the Khawarij.The Khawarij are a misguided group that first appeared in the time of the prophet sala alahi wasalam.when dhul khuwaysiraa said to the messenger while he was dividing the war booty” be just o Muhammad because you have not been just….(itaaf alqaari vol 1 page 231).

Translated by Jafar ibn ruel Jeffrey

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