Which speakers should we invite to our Salafi masajid?

Quote: “Many of our European(Salafi)brothers become duped by anyone and everyone who comes from the scholars from the Arab lands from the Gulf or from Saudi this is a mistake. Do not be duped into thinking a man is a person of knowledge just because he comes from saudi.He may have come from Saudi,and may have Knowledge,However he may have a big mistake in regards to the minhaj and he does not have allegiance and enmity for the sake of the Sunnah.He may also still praise the Imams and Du,at of activist movements.If you were to bring the likes of this to your land and to your centre,he may answer a question with an answer which could increase dissension among you and against you.Therefore do not host anybody except after verifying that the man is a person of Sunnah, who knows the Sunnah and preaches the Sunnah.Then after that he has to be a person of knowledge so that he can benefit you with Knowledge that Allah has benefited him with.

I have seen many brothers become negligent in regard to this and have been tested on account of it and such a person(who has been invited) is asked a general question and he answers with contrary to what they have been cultivated upon and this leads to differing and weakens their affair after strenght.Some of our brothers,due to negligence in regards to this issue,invite the heads of Hizbiyyah Such as A`id al qarni,  Sa`d a-Burayk,  Salman Al-Awadah Safar Al-Hawali, Nasir al-Umar and their Like therefore beware who you invite,

Also you should know that in Saudi,and I am speaking about saudi as I live there, that we have Hizbis especially the Bannawi-Ikwanis-the hardcore Ikwanis,and whoever lives among them that they are enemies of the Sunnah and they warn against the Salafis by branding them”Madkhalis” or “Jamis”.However they may try to make this unapparent openly because they understand they want to make themselves a reference  point or all so as to become established and then spread their poison and corrupt the Salafi youth.My  brothers beware of such people and others  and do not host anyone except after Verifying their deen and their manhaj and that they are Salafi and a person of the Sunnah and a person of Knowledge so that he can benifit you all,

Taken from the book:The Beautiful advice to the noble salafis of the west by sheikh Abdul-Aziz Ar-Rayyis

Translated by Abdul-Haq Al-Ashanti

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