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Whats is the ruling of taking British nationality?

Question about Escaping to the West answered by Shaykh Rabee’
Al-Madkhalee may Allaah preserve him.


May Allaah be benevolent to you; here is a question from the Salafi
youth in Britain. They are asking about the ruling on residing in the

lands of the unbelievers in order to escape the injustice of rulers in

some Muslim countries. [They also ask about] the ruling on taking a

British nationality.


Allaah knows best, 90% of those who go to Europe and America go there

not because any government is chasing them, not because of anything

[like this]. Even if a government is trying to pursue [a Muslim], he

should be patient and endure. When Ahmad b. Hanbal was tortured, did

he go off to the lands of unbelief? I ask you: Ahmad b. Hanbal and

others, then Ibn Taym‎yah, when [the rulers] harmed them incessantly

and imprisoned them, did they flee to the lands of unbelief? Allaah

bless you, he should be patient, he should live in his own country,

even in prison, it is better for him than going to Europe and America,

especially since these [countries] have measures and policies to

recruit Muslims into their societies, to Christianize them and convert

them to atheists and heretics (zanaadiqah). These are old strategies

which they are applying now and many corrupt preachers and corrupt

scholars are striving to recruit Muslims into European societies now.

So why go to these countries? Why not be patient even if the

government [of the Muslim country] pursues you, be patient, it is

better for you. Many people go [to other counties] without being

pursued. They go to eat and drink and serve the Jews and Christians in

their countries, degrading themselves and Islam. Allaah bless you, He

has promised he will provide your sustenance, whoever fears Allaah and

obeys Him, He will make a way out for him and sustain him from where

he would not imagine (Quran 65: 3). All you have to do is fear Allaah

the Mighty and Majestic and obey Him (practice taqwaa) and your

provision will come from places you would not imagine. A person never

dies until he has fulfilled everything that was written for him. But

Shayt‎n beautifies for him the idea of going to the West, so he can

live there the life of cattle, first in derision and meekness, and

then in tribulation and danger surrounding him and his family. When

your child is six years old, where will he study? He will study in the

schools of the Jews, atheists, secularists and Christians, and they

will teach him their way of life, and they will not distinguish

[between Muslims and non-Muslims] in this regard, may Allaah bless


Adopting an unbelieving foreign nationality instead of an Islamic one

has been declared an act of Kufr by some scholars. A person does not

take this nationality except after becoming prepared by submitting to

the laws of these countries and aligning his loyalty to them and his

enmity for those who go against them. He might also be prepared by

fighting [for them]. If the Islamic army approached the unbelievers‎

land, he [would have to] face the Islamic army because he has become a

soldier for the enemies of Allaah and is prepared. They might enlist

and prepare him to fight the Muslims in their own lands, as has

occurred in Afghanistan. They recruited Muslims to fight the Afghans

and a fatw‎a(religious edict) was issued by some corrupt scholars

stating it is allowed for [a Muslim] to fight the Muslims to confirm

his nationality and his allegiance to America. This is the fatwa‎ of

Al-Qardawi, who occupies a great status amongst Muslims due to this

fatw‎a All‎ah bless you, how many evil corrupt edicts there are! We ask

All‎h for protection and wellbeing!

Right now, measures are being taken in the West to achieve these

goals: to recruit Muslims into Western societies. How can you go there

in these circumstances? It is obligatory upon Muslims to migrate

[back] to their lands when they hear of these actions and attempts to

integrate and merge them into the Western societies.

From a recording entitled Means for the Rise of the Ummah by the Noble

Shaykh Rabee’ b. Haadee al-Madkhalee may Allaah preserve him, attended

also by Shaykh Abdul-Azeez al-Bur’ee (may Allaah preserve him)

Part of the Ramad‎an Sittings series, 20/09/1426H.

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  1. Dawud
    January 22, 2011 at 16:15

    mashallah, golden advice. jazakallah khairan for putting this up.

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