When will the Muslims ever Learn?

What is Islam’s perspective of political demonstrations and protests?

Sheikh Ibn Baaz:

“I don’t believe political demonstrations, neither by men nor women, are considered a remedy (to influence leaders & governments). Rather, I see them as ways leading to more tribulations and evils. They bring about oppression of people and violations of their rights.” 1

“Similar to this is what some people carry out of political demonstrations that also cause great harm to people actually calling to the truth. They stage marches in the streets, screaming and shouting, all of which has nothing to do with the correct way to reform, rectify, and promote well-being. The correct way is by visiting people or writing in a noble and respectful way.” 2

Sheikh Saalih Al-Fawzaan:

“Our religion is not one of chaos and anarchy. Our religion is one of discipline and order, calmness and serenity. Staging political demonstrations was never originally from the actions of Muslims as they never knew of such things before. Islaam is a religion of calmness and mercy and discipline. Chaos, disorganization, and the inciting of tribulations are not from Islaam. This is Islaam, and the rights of all people are fulfilled and earned by seeking them in the manner Islaam has legislated. Demonstrations mostly result in bloodshed and the destruction of property and wealth. Such things are not permissible.” 3

Sheikh Saalih Aali-Shaykh:

“An example of this is political demonstrations. For example, if a large group of people comes as says, ‘If we stage a demonstration, this will pressure the leader and then consequently he’ll have to change and rectify the situation. The end justifies the means.’ We say that this is completely false because the means in themselves are forbidden. These actions, even though the goal may be sincere and necessary, still the origin is impermissible.” 4

Sheikh Abdul-Azeez Ar-Raajihee:

“These demonstrations are not from the actions of Muslims. They’re foreign (to Islaam) and were never known except by way of the western Non-Muslim countries.” 5

Sheikh Ibn Al-‘Uthaymeen:

“As for staging public confrontations and protests, this is against the guidance of the Salaf. You know that these affairs have nothing at all to do with Islaamic legislation nor do they bring about any rectification. They do nothing but cause more harm.” 6

Editors Comment.

As we have  seen  In Tunisia and Now in eygpt that demonstrations will not bring about the proper rectification of  a society.When will the muslims learn that unless they follow the way of our prophet (sala alla alahi wasalam) and and the Sahaba in calling to tawheed.they will never bring about the correct change in society.When will the Muslims ever learn that unless they follow the way of the scholars like Muhammad ibn abdul wahab they will not be able to establish the deen of Allah by these protests and demonstrations.The prophet(sala alla alahi wasalam) was one man calling to tawheed and through him Allah  brought the whole of the arabian peninsular under his control and the deen if Allah was established and tawheed raised high.

Look at Muhammad Ibn Abdul wahhab(rahimullah) when shirk was widespread in the Arabian peninsular Allah raised him and he revived the tawheed in the Arabian  peninsular and rectified his society.When will the Muslims ever learn?



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2. Taken from the magazine, Al-Buhooth Al-Islaamiyyah (38/210).

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6, Taken from the book: Fataawaa Al-‘Ulamaa Al-Akaabir feemaa Ahdara min Dimaa fil-Jazaair by ‘Abdul-Maalik Ramadhaanee (pgs. 139-144).


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