We get the rulers we deserve

Ibn Qayyim said in his Book miftah Daar us-Sa,aadah(vol.2 page.177-178)

“contemplate on his wisdom that he makes the kings and the rulers  of the people those who have the same actions as them.Indeed their actions manifested in the forms of their leaders and kings.If they are steafast their kings become staeadfast; if they were just ,their rulers were likewise just to them;If they were unjust their kings and rulers would also be unjust.If plotting and treachery manifested amongst the people,it would likewise be manifest in their leaders.If they witheld from the rights of Allah and were stingy,their kings and rulers would also withold their money and be stingy.If they took from those who were weak without right in their transactions with them,  so  their kings and rulers would take from them without right in their interactions with them,…..so their actions are an image of the people`s actions and it it not from the divine wisdom except those who are evil and Immoral are put over those that are like them in their actions.When the first generations were the best of generations and the most righteous,their leaders were like that aswell.Now though the wisdom of Allaah denies those ruling over us will be of the likes of mu`wawiyah or Umar bin Adul Azeez not to mention the likes of Abee Bakr and Umar our leaders have our Own condition and the leaders before represented the condition of the people they were ruling over both types each have their necessary wisdom and its own requisite”


Taken from the Book:who`s in for Iraaq? by shaykh Abdul`Azeez bin Rayees ar-Rayees translated by AbdulHaq ibn  kofi ibn Kwesi al-Ashanti

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