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New Book Realease:A critical study of Abdullah el-Faisel al-Jamayki

Fundamentally, this book was authored to provide unsuspecting Muslims with an Insight of the deviant dogma of Abdullah Faisel;However due to Faisel,s diversity in deviancy this book has had to tackle a multitude of malicious beliefs and practices which contradict and oppose the straight path laid down by Allaah and his Messenger(Salalla alahi Wasalam).Thus it not only reveals the true colour of Faisel, but it also serves as a miscellaneous handbook for removing contemporary doubts spread by the likes of Abdullah Faisal and other new-age Takfiris

The Following are Some Examples of Some of Abdullah Faisal`s horrendous statements that are tackled in this Book.

Qoute”Now is there any peace treaty between us and the Hindus?No so you can go to India and if you see a Hindu Walking down the road your allowed to kill him is that clear?pae69.

Qoute”If he is a supporter of Kufr a Saudi Salafi you have to kill him and chop his head off…!!page128″

Qoute.”These house niggers they break noses of people in different mosques especially in brixton mosque to protect the so-called Honour of king Fahd and other apostate leaders”(taken from one of his lecture entitled”twentieth century house niggers)page 248.

Qoute”Its all because of Bin Baz We have this disaster in the Ummah today page272

Qoute”To say Rabbi Bin Baz`,that`s more befitting”page213

To purchase a copy of this book email:contact@markazsunnahleicester.com the book has 337pages and cost£12.50

  1. syedsirajuddinsohail
    February 4, 2011 at 18:55

    Always you people books are critical , why That?

    I think someone should research a critical analysis of you people ………….

  2. February 4, 2011 at 19:16

    We Dont mind be criticized if we have any mistakes we will be happy to return to the truth.We will not follow our parents blindly and try a justify it afterwards with no evidence.

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