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Libya tears itself apart

Imam Ahmad on Rebelling against Rulers

Abul-Hârith Ahmad b. Muhammad Al-Sâ`igh, the close and respected friend of Imâm Ahmad, reports:

I asked Abû ‘Abdillâh (Imâm Ahmad) about something that had occurred in Baghdâd, and [because of which] some people were considering revolting [against the ruler]. I said, “O Abû ‘Abdillâh, what do you say about taking part in the revolt with these people?” He decried it and started saying, “Subhânallâh! The blood [of the people], the blood [of the people]! I do not believe in this and I do not tell others to do it. For us to suffer our situation in patience is better than the fitnah (tribulation) in which blood is spilt, property is taken, and the prohibited are violated (e.g. the honor of women). Do you not know what happened to the people (in the days of the previous fitnah)?” I said, “And the people today, Abû ‘Abdillâh, are they not in fitnah [because of the ruler]?” He replied, “If so, it is a limited fitnah, but if the sword is raised, the fitnah will engulf everything and there will be no way to escape. To suffer patiently this [current difficulty], where Allâh keeps your religion safe for you is better for you.” I saw him decry revolting against the leaders, and say, “[Do not spill the people’s] blood. I do not believe in this and I do not command it.”

Editors comment: We watch in Horror as the bloodletting continues in Libya and we have to ask ourselves what is this rebellion all about?

Is it because of the clear statements of Kufr that can be found in the green book of this eccentric tyrant?

Is it because Gadaffi recently told a delegation of priests that there is nothing in Islam that prohibits them(the Christians) from visiting the Ka’aba giving his own tafseer of the ayat:Verily, the first House (of worship) appointed for mankind was that at Bakkah (Makkah), full of blessing, and a guidance for Al-‘Alamîn (the mankind and jinns). (Aali Imran 3:96)?

No the answer is  that some see this as their opportunity  to start a Facebook revolution which is sweeping  North Africa starting by political activist  who are using to organize a day of rage but what is the rage about? Is that Tawheed is being violated in Libya?

When we dig a little deeper we find that the reason is poverty or that some feel that the oil wealth is not being distributed fairly whatever the reason it comes down to one thing the Dunya (this worldly life), the dunya that the Prophet (salalla alahi wasalam) said was worth less than a rotting dead carcass.

So Is the priceless blood of the Muslims worth spilling to remove this eccentric?The blood of the muslims that the prophets salalla alahi wasalam said The wiping away of the World means less to Allah than a Believer to be killed unjustly (Ibn Maja)  and he said

Abdullah bin Umar said – I saw the Prophet doing Tawwaf around the Ka’aba saying “How sweet/ good are you and how sweet is your scent. How great are you and how great is your sanctity. By the One who the soul of Mohammad is in His Hand the sanctity of a believer is greater with Allah than your sanctity” (Ibn Maja).

So who supports these Facebook revolutions? The usual suspects. The Takfiri/ Khawarij, the Ikwanis and the political activists who do believe that the blood of the Muslims is worth spilling (although they won‘t say so publicly) because their principle is “By any means necessary” and if that means is the blood of the Muslims then so be it.

As for Gaddafi his days as leader are numbered as his supporters are jumping ship by the hour.

The west who once referred to Gaddaffi as “The Mad Dog” then they brought him back from the political wilderness can no longer been seen buying Gaddafi`s Blood oil”.

So we can do nothing except make dua that Allah preserves the blood of the Muslims as we watch as this civil war unravel.

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