Can a Muslim be an Ikwani-salafi?

The first time this Issue came to my attention was last year in a street in Birmingham when I  had a discussion with a fellow salafi.He claimed   that sheikh Ali hasan alhalabi the student of sheikh albani said in his book called “Manhaj asalaf us-salih” That it was possible for a Muslim to be salafi in aqeedah and Ikwani in manhaj!!

I was amazed at this claim as sheikh Ali hasan is one of the shuyook that first introduced us to the principles of salafiyah back in 1993 in brixton masjid.I also use to attend his classes of kitab Iman of  Imam bukhari explained by Ibn rajab when i lived in Amman Jordan for one year in 2004. so I found it strange that a sheikh who spent 25 years in the study circles of sheikh albani could make such a contradictory claim.

I have often wondered if such Muslims actually exist that would claim  this oxymoron.I have come to find out such  Muslims do actually exist and moreover these Muslims actually walk the same Leicester streets as i do.So I thought I would attempt to bring some clarity to this Issue and translate what sheikh Ali hasan actually said in this book in relation to this subject t the sheikh said on page 138/139 of minhaj asalaf usalih “But the people of desires make a division between aqeedah and manhaj so that they may attain political partisanship so they can approach many of the salafis and say you(salafis) remain upon your aqeedah but our manhaj is in need of us to have mutual-co-operation so there is nothing to prevent us saying “I am salafi in aqeedah and Ikhwani in manhaj!!

And It is known from the manhaj of the Ikhwan that they wage war on the salafi aqeedah

So this (so called)salafi who says “I am salalafi in aqeedah” and Ikwani in manhaj or tablighi manhaj.He bears witness against himself that he is waging against the salafi manhaj and aqeedah.

So this is from the the political plots of the Hizbis  the tabligis and Ikwanis that they circulate this so they make a division between aqeedah and manhaj in order to play with the intellects of the salafis specifically.End of quote

Editors  comment

So we can clearly see from the sheikh`s position that such a claim is ludicrous and contradictory .The issue of dividing aqeedah and manhaj was something that the contemporary scholars differed over.Sheikh Ibn Baz did not divide between them and said they are one thing,while sheikh Albani made a distinction between the two.However none of these  two Imams said you can be salafi in aqeedah and Ikwani or tablighi in manhaj and this is an evil Innovation designed to weaken our beautiful minhaj.

By Jafar

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