Is it rap or poetry?

A new phenomenon is sweeping the uk.No longer is it enough to just have a sheikh or student of knowledge at a venue to deliver a lecture or do a seminar.The new generation of Muslim youth want to make their lectures a bit more entertaining so on the bill you will now find a poet/rapper who recites/raps words which encourage the youth towards righteousness.You will also find in the line up a reality speaker or motivational speaker who will speak of his life of jahiliya before Islam and last but not least you will have a student of knowledge who has graduated from one university in the arab world.

These events are largely attended by young Muslim women who turn out in their droves to listen too their favorite poet/rapper or singer to listen to acapella `s.Some of these young women try to get their pictures taken with these poets/rappers singers and reports have reached me that some young sisters have thrown their niqaab on stage.

The ruling on this form of rap/poetry is a Grey area for some(mutashaabihaat).As they say they do not use musical instruments they view that this is a form of poetry but from a western urban culture.They further argue this genre is a bridge  for disaffected youth from the inner city ghetto`s to bring them to Islam.

I have heard some of this rap/poetry and I say that some of this genre is definitely on the style of rap which is an imitation of the kuffar,and some of it resembles western poetry.

In conclusion this trend is from the mutashabihhat(doubtful matters)  and needs a clear ruling from one of the senior Scholars to make things clear for our youth.

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