Dealings with Hizbees in Worldly Affairs

Dealings with Hizbees in Worldly Affairs

Shaykh Ubayd ibn `Abdillaah al-Jaabiree

Reference: Audio Tape: Who is Qualified to Apply Jarh and Ta’deel
Category: Methodology

Is it permissible to have dealings with the hizbee’s in matters related to the dunya such as trade, because some of the youth do this and say: “I do not deal with them except in worldly matters.”?

If you are able to keep the people of innovations away from you, where as you don’t engage in any activities with them, whether worldly or religious, then do so.

As far as religious activities and it is called ‘da’wah’, then don’t give them an opportunity to establish themselves; don’t help them in building masaajid or schools in which innovations will be spread through, or in publishing books that contain innovations, never! Because whoever helps them while knowing their state, is like them, whether he likes it or not.

As far as worldly affairs, then you can deal with them when needed. But you should be firmly grounded in the correct aqeedah, and in the sunnah, and in being aware of innovations as well as being in need of dealing with them. There is nothing wrong with this as long as it is according to your needs and doesn’t exceed them. And beware of mixing with them, the messenger of Allaah, sAllaah Allaahu allayhi wa sallam, said:

“A man is upon the religion of his most beloved friend, so you should watch whom you take as your most beloved friend.”

This is a dangerous issue, how many people were swept away by worldly affairs until they became detached, and became either enemies of the sunnah and its people or from amongst those who have no envy, without any wallaa’ or baraa’.

So if you needed to deal with one of them, as in hiring him, and you’re his boss and supervisor, then there is no doubt that this is safer. But if there were issues that you were tested with in trade so you needed to work for one of them, be wary that you deal with him in worldly matters only! Take this amount of money and give me this amount of money, this is the bill for this, and this is the bill for that. And don’t enter into extensive discussions because he may lure you into working with him in religious affairs or in da’wah. And if you are able to work with each other o salafees and do without them, then this is safer for your religion and your honor. And this is what we motivate and call you to do, it is most beloved to us that you do without the hizbees, and the harakeeyeen, and all the people of innovations.

Translator: Nadir Ahmad, Abu Abdul-Waahid

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