Seeking help of the Disbelievers in fighting the khawarij

Sheikh ul Islam Ibn taymeeyah said concerning the khwarij(minhaj asunnah (vol 6 page 116)

“Ahul Sunnah and All perfect praises are due to Allah are in agreement that they(the khawarij) are misguided innovators and it is compulsory  according to the authentic texts to fight them and it was from the best actions of the the leader of the Muslims Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) in fighting  the Khawarij.

He  also said in(vol3 page 82)

The rafida are more evil than the khawarij with regards to aqeedah.,but there is more reward in fighting  them (The khawarij).

That is because of their well known statements of the permissibility of killing Muslims which does not come from their likes from amongst the hypocrites who say with their mouths that which is not in their hearts

Seeking the help of the disbelievers in fighting the khawarij

The Malikis and shafis and hanbalis took the opinion that it was impermissible to seek the help of the disbelievers to fight the Bughaat(Khawarij,Rebels) that was because the objective of the Muslim ruler was to repel them(theKhawarij) whereas the intention of the disbelievers was nothing but to kill them(The bughaat.khawarij etc) They said it was permissible to seek their(disbelievers) help in times of necessity against the rebels(bughaat) with the condition that the one who was seeking help(against the rebels) was able to prevent the disbelievers killing the rebels.

The hanafis took the opinion that that it was permissible to seek the help of the disbeleivers against the Bughaat(khawarij,etc) even if there was no necessity with the condition that the rule of justice was uppermost because the people of justice fight to give honor to the Deen(Islaam),and seeking help against the rebels was like seeking help against them with tools of  fighting.

taken from the book the reality of Al-walaa wal al-Baraa in the book and the suunah page 145)

Translated by Jafar

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