Advising a Mother who Commits Acts of Shirk

Advising a Mother who Commits Acts of Shirk

Shaykh Saalih as-Suhaymee

Category: Scholars Advice

Question: My mother seeks help from the dead and worships other than Allah in other ways as well. I continue to advise her but my efforts appear to be in vain. Can you please advise her via this recorded lecture?

Response: I pray that Allah guides her to the truth. Continue advising her; however, you must advise her with gentleness and wisdom. Tell her, “Mom, it distresses me to think you might go to the hellfire. When you need anything, you should only ask Allah for it. If you see her supplicating to the dead, then ask her, “Does this dead person hear you?” Allah says:

“And you cannot make those in the grave hear,” [Faatir: 22]

Mention to her the [relevant] verses and ahadith. Mention to her that Allah is the One who cures the sick and is the One who hears her supplications and prayers. Read the following verse to her:

And those whom you supplicate to other than Him do not even own the membrane of a date stone. If you call upon them, they do not hear your supplication. And even if they heard you, they could not do anything for you. And on the Day of Resurrection they will deny that you every called upon them for anything. And none can inform you like the All-Aware. [Faatir: 13-14]

Also tell her, “Your prayers are invalid as long as you are seeking help from the dead.” Remind her that Allah will not accept her worship as long as she asks for help from the dead. Remind her of Who Allah, the All-Mighty, is, but do it with kindness and wisdom. Even before you advise her, go kiss her hand and head, and say to her, “Mom, I love you and I must be dutiful to you. Allah has mentioned the rights you have over me alongside the rights that He has. However, I cannot let this stop me from speaking the truth, especially when this truth is supported with evidence from the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet. I am afraid of what will happen to you if you continue worshipping other than Allah.” Advise here with gentleness as in the aforementioned examples. Hopefully, Allah will enlighten her heart with the truth and guide her to the right path.

Translator: Rashid Ahmad Ahmadi, Abu Yusuf


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