7 reasons why al-muhajiroun are deviants

The idea behind the title of this publication was inspired by a short article  written by an anonynous al-Muhajiroun cult follower entitled “6 reasons why all the Rulers Are Murtad”which we found full of their characteristic Khawarij propaganda.Consequently we decided to use a similar title,but due to a wealth of misguidance courtesy of the generous members of  al-Muhajiroun and the fact that Allah loves witr ,we decided to go one better and make our very own “7 reasons why Al-Muhajiroun are deviants”However,Whereas al-Muhajiroun based their oblique observations upon their cult credo, we based this booklet on a concise evidences from the the Quran ,Sunnah and veiws from the scholars of Ahl us-Sunnah throughout histort.

For your free copy email:contact@markazsunnahleicester.com.Just pay postage and packaging

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