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jamaat ut-Tabligh exposed – Part 1- الشيخ مقبل

  1. real salaf
    December 2, 2012 at 19:39

    You mention that Tabligh is a Bidah.
    What is not a Sunnah does not equal to Bidha.
    Please refer to Sahib Bukhari where the Prophet s.a.w. questions Bilal r.a.”Bilal what are you doing that i heard your footsteps in Jannah ” bilal r.a. replied, i pray two rakats of Nafil after Wudhu.”
    This action was not taught by Muhammed s.a.w. to the companions and and the fact that Bilal r.a. was practicing this well before he was questioned.
    There are numerous Hadiths like this in Sahih Bukhari so please don’t fool the ignorant by giving them information that is limited to yourself or your organisation.
    How you ever considered that your so called scholars only answered questions how they were phrased with limited amount of information.
    Your followers also called Deobandi’s grave worshippers,perhaps you would like to come to the cemetery when there is a Funeral and explain what is considered as grave worshipping.
    There is more… Insha- Allah, we will will leave it for now whilst you digest this info.

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