Q and A session with Shaykh Saaleh ibn Ghanam as-Sadlaan

Questions asked to Shaykh Saaleh ibn Ghanam as-Sadlaan [May Allaah preserve him] in his house after Salaat al-Jumu’ah

Fri 16/11/1432 – 14/10/2011


Question: My mother is a Mushrik and in her house there are idols, is it permissible for me to live there?

Answer: No, this is not permissible.

Questioner: What about the Salaah, is it correct for me to pray there?

Shaykh Saleh: If the house has idols that are worshipped then she can’t live or pray in there.


 Question: An Ashari is arguing, if Allaah created the Seven Heavens and Earths and then rose above his Arsh, does this mean that the Arsh was above Allaah before He finished His Creation?

Answer: No, we don’t say this. The Arsh can never be above Allaah as Allaah is separate from His creation. However We say Allaah is able to do all things and all he has to say is ‘Be’ at it will, so His ability is not connected to the Arsh. Also, if Allaah decends to the lower earths then this doesn’t mean that the Arsh is above Him. We say we affirm and we don’t ask how, we don’t ask questions that weren’t asked before. We don’t say how is He above the Ursh? Was the Arsh mightier than Allaah? We say no, we never go this far. We affirm that Allaah is above His Arsh in a way that suits His Majesty, likewise is his Descending to the lower skies in the last third of the night and we don’t seek an explanation on how this is done if the texts don’t mention it.


Question:  Is it permissible for us to Hajj with Soofees?

Answer: If it can be avoided than one should do this but if he has to then he shouldn’t join in with what they do.


Question: The washing of the two hands at the start of the Wudhoo, is this connected to the Wudhoo or the hadeeth which tells us to wash our hands before we put them in a vessel full of water?

Answer: No, the washing of the hands are connected to Wudhoo. The hadeeth means if one wakes up after sleeping at night then we are encouraged to wash our hands before doing any activity. Likewise if one has something impure on his hands then he is encouraged to wash his hands before doing anything else. But if one is starting the Wudhoo and his hands are clean then the Sunnah is to start the Wudhoo by washing his hands.


Question: How was there evil on the earth before Iblees decided to disobey Allah. Because the Angels asked Allaah, “Will You place therein those who will make mischief therein and shed blood’ [Baqarah 2: 30] And the disobedience of Iblees came after this questioning?

Answer: We don’t know the history of what happened except what Allaah has told us. We have no indication of whether the disobedience of Iblees was before or after. All we know is he disobeyed and on a separate occasion the Angels asked Allaah for the Hikmah of why Adaam was created; we can’t say there is an order as we don’t have the specific information and this is not something that we should burden ourselves with.


Question: Is it permissible to do Hajj on a work visa, knowing that the government restrict those on a work visa from doing Hajj?

Answer: No it is not permissible for this person to do Hajj, let him doing next year.


Question: How do we refute one who says we accept Ahaad narrations in Furoo [Fiqh] and not in Usool [Aqeedah]?

Answer: We reply to this person by saying that we accept what is authentic, whether it is in Usool or Furoo.


Question: Is it permissible to use genetic engineering?

Answer: I don’t know anything about this but if you really need to know then explain it further and we will look into it.


Question: Is it permissible to use DNA to catch criminals?

Answer: Again, I don’t know anything about this.


Question: Is it permissible for one in Ihram to cut his own hair or does he need to go into a barber shop?

Answer: No, he doesn’t need to. He can cut his own hair or he can get someone else to cut it or go into a barber shop.


Question: Can we use toothpaste that has the smell of mint during Ihraam?

Answer: Yes, because the smell given by the toothpaste isn’t classed as perfume.


Question: Is it permissible for a woman on her menses to read the Quraan from the Mushaf whilst wearing gloves?

Answer: No, this is not permissible although she can read Quraan from her memory, this is OK but she can’t touch the Mushaf, even with gloves or anything else.


Question: I was waiting in a queue and someone in front of me let another person into the queue without my permission or those behind me? Is it necessary for the person who wants to enter a queue to seek the permission from all those waiting or just the one who is letting him in?

Answer: No, this action is not allowed. He needs to seek permission of all those waiting in the queue is this is their right. Because if he pushes in the chain takes one step back and this is transgressing the rights of all those waiting

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