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Shaykh ’’AbdullHaqq at-Turkumānīī (hafidhahullllāh) ON JALAL BIN SA’’EED’’S INNOVATED “FLASH PRAYERS”

Jalal ibn Sa’eed’s Innovated “Flash Prayers”!?

Shaykh ’’AbdullHaqq at-Turkumānīī
All praise is due to Allāh, Lord of the Worlds, I testify that there is no god worthy of worship
except Allāh, alone and with no partner, and I bear witness that Muhammad is His slaver and
messenger, may prayers and peace be upon him, his family and all of his companions.
To proceed: the noble brothers from the Islamic Centre of Luton presented to me an issue
regarding a new innovation which has reared its head, so I viewed it apt that I answer it. Here is
the complete letter sent to me:
We wish to seek the ruling regarding a matter concerning the Muslims in Great
Britain. There is a group calling to the establishment of a prayer called “Flash
Prayer”, its details are as follows: they have raised a call to all Muslim in most cities
in UK to gather in a specific location like a town Centre and they pray a particular
prayer like Asr for example at one time in that specific location, all on the same
day. And they chose the New Years Day of this year 2012 for this event. They strove
extremely hard in advertising and marketing this event. They used all available
methods of modern technology such as phones, Internet, social networking and
they expected five thousand attendees and they were pushing for ten thousand.
They actually carried out this prayer on the day specified which was today 1/1/2012
the non-Muslims new years day, they conducted this in many cities. They said the
reason for them choosing this day specifically was that they desired to dedicate the
year 2012 as the year of congregational prayer in UK. They used in their marketing
the word ‘flash’ in English, which is linked to dancing and protests and anything
that appears all of a sudden and disappears all of a sudden. They said, from the
objectives of this salat are:
1) Dawah
2) Unity of the Ummah

3) Dedicating this year as the ‘year of congregational prayer’
4) Fun and a cool event for the youth
We fear that this event will have an effect on the role of the Masājid on that day,
when some of those who are deceived by their speech will go to the appointed
location to pray and leave the Masjid and that this action may lead to other
invented matters.
Based upon all that has proceeded, we seek your ruling regarding this matter, is it
in accordance to the legislation or not? And is this action to be considered from the
innovated matters which the Prophet (salalahu alaihi wa sallam) prohibited? Give
us your ruling, may Allah reward you.
for the full response please click here flash prayers
1 Dated Monday 2nd January 2012 CE. Translated by ’AbdulHaq ibn Kofi ibn Kwesi al-Ashanti.
Jalal ibn Sa’eed’s Innovated “Flash Prayers”!?

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