Are the Ibadhis from the saved sect?

In recent years Leicester has seen the influx of muslims from countries such as Tanzania,Zanzibar and other east african countries,Some of these muslims have come from these countries with  beliefs that oppose the correct creed such as the Ibadhis. Some Muslims from these countries have enquired from the Salafis of Leicester as to whether the Ibadhis are from the saved sect.

Who are the saved sect?

They are called the saved sect (firqutun najiyah) because they are saved from bidah in this life and the fire in the next life.Sheikh ul Islam described them as saying” so the intent of Ahlu sunnah(specifically) is Ahlu hadeeth (the people of hadeeth) and the people of the unadulterated sunnah.One is not to be included in within it except those that affirm the attributes of Allaah, The Exalted and says “The Quran is not created” and says Allaah will be seen in the hereafter affirms the divine decree and other well- known matters according to the people of hadith and sunnah.(minhaj us sunnah vol 2 p.163)

Based upon the above statement of Sheikh Islam and what i have researched of the aqeedah of the Ibadhis I can safely say the Ibadhis are from the 72 astray deviant sects that have been threatened with the hell fire if they dont repent from their falsehood and return to the truth,According to my research they hold a mixture of deviant creeds such as the mutazilah and the khawarij and other sufi beleifs.I have included a table below to show some of the major differences between Ahlu sunnah wal jamah(the saved sect) and the Ibadhis.

Subject Aqeedah of Ahlu sunnah/at –Ta ifah al-Mansurah(the saved sect)(salafiyoon) Aqeedah of Ibadhis
The Uluw(Highness) of Allaah Beleif That Allaah is above his Throne with his essence(bi thatihi)in a manner that befits his majesty Allaah is in every place,He is within things and along with things comprehending them
Affirmation of the Attributes of Allaah Affirmation of all  the  names and attributes of Allaah that are affirmed in the book and the sunnah without making a resemblence to the creation,those attrriutes that share the same meaning as the creation such as hands,face eyes are affirmed leaving the how (kayfiyah)to the knowledge of Allaah  alone The   aqeedah of the ibadhis the  deniel(tateel)of all of the attributes  of Allaah that share the same meaning as the creations attributes such as hands, face shin,eyes,descent etc they affirm a metaphorical meaning to these attributes no a literal one
 Quran Belief that the Qur’an is Allah’s word, revealed and not created. He literally spoke it to Gabriel, who conveyed it to the Prophet, peace be upon him. Most Ibadhis held that the Quran is God’s created word revealed in succession to the Prophet, peace be upon him. It is not a quality of Allah either of essense or of action.
Position towards the the rightly guided caliphs Belief that the best among the successors and the most entitled to the caliphate was Abu Bakr as Siddiq, then ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattab, then ‘Uthman Ibn Affan and then ‘All Ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with them all. Thus their succession to the caliphate was according to their virtues. The Ibadhis recognized Abu Bakr as Siddiq and ‘Umar Ibn al-Khattab as rightly guided caliphs, as well as ‘Uthman Ibn Affan during the first six years of his rule. The Ibadhis considered their movement a continuations of the opposition which overthrew ‘Uthman and caused his death, their opposition to him being a purely Islamic rejection of the innovations which he introduced.
Rebellion against the muslim Ruler Ahlu sunnah wal jamaah do not view permissible rebellion against the Imam or those in charge of affairs even if they are unjust, nor do they withdraw from obedience to them. They hold that obedience to them is part of obedience to Allah, and therefore obligatory as long as they do not order to commit sins. They pray for them right guidance and leave their mistakes to AllaahConcerning fighting the ruler who commits open disbelief, the basic principle of is that it is not permitted to remove an evil by means of a greater evil. If the Muslims can overcome the ruler who commits open disbelief and can bring in a righteous leader without that leading to a greater evil than the evil of this ruler, then that is permissible. But if rebellion would result in greater trouble, lead to chaos, oppression the assassination of people who do not deserve to be assassinated, and other forms of major evil, then that is not permitted. Belief that it is not lawful to fight the righteous Imam. Fighting the unjust Imam is not an obligation; neither is it forbidden. The unjust ruler will first be requested to practice justice, if he does not respond, he will be told to leave the Muslim affairs; if he does not respond, it is permitted to fight him and remove him by force even if that will result in his death.  It is preferred to remain under the tyrannical rule if it is feared that fighting will not succeed or feared that it may affect the Muslims or weaken their power over their enemies in any place in the Muslim countries. The Ibadhis are khariji in their methodology as they see it is permissible to rebel against the unjust muslim ruler
Seeing Allah Ahlu sunnah wal Jamaah maintain that the believers will see their Lord on the Day of Resurrection: “Upon that day some faces shall be radiant, gazing upon their Lord.” (75:22-3) And the saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him: “You will see your Lord as you see the full moon; Nothing will impair your view of Him; And if you are able to keep the dawn prayers and the mid afternoon prayers, do it.” (Agreed upon it by al-Bukhari and Muslim) The Ibadhis maintain that Allah is not to be seen either in this World or in the hereafter. As for the Quranic verses which state that Allah shall be seen, the “gazing” was explained as waiting the permission from thier Lord to enter Paradise. .
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