Clarifying Yusef Estes`s misunderstanding of the word Salafi

  1. Abu Abdillaah
    March 30, 2012 at 05:52

    Assalaamu alaykum,

    no doubt it is necessary to understand our deen according to the correct manhaj, knowing the salaf had the correct understanding whilst avoiding dividing ourselves into groups and partisanship however…

    Is this error really enough to stop people coming to the talk of Yusuf Estes at Masjid Taqwa next week, especially the one for the little children when he is otherwise a very good speaker?

    none of us is free from errors and perhaps someone should attend the talk clarify, wait for the Q&A with brother Yusuf and clarify about this matter before warning against him in such a public manner.

    Assalaamu alaykum

  2. March 30, 2012 at 16:44

    Walaikum salam

    Walaikum salam

    I am sorry you are upset that I have raised awareness of the error of yusef estes with regards to this issue.We salafis also get upset when speakers spread misconceptions,misinformation about salafis and the salafi manhaj whether out of simple ingnorance or delibarate.

    There are a few things I would like to point out

    1.I never publicaly warned anybody from from going masjid taqwa to listen to yusef estes
    I am simply raising awareness first and foremost amongst salafis that yusef has this misunderstanding of the word salafi and the salafi manhaj as some salafis mistakenly think that he is salafi .I am sure the talk will be very well attended as many people(sadly) these days want to listen to whoever is “popular” and not necessrily the true salafi scholars and students of knowledge.

    2.This lecture that yusef done was done in 2008 in malaysia where he accused sheikh albani of inventing the term “salafi” he also accussed sheikh albani in the same lecture of ” coming up with a lot a stuff of his own”.He has had adequate time to recify this mistake as the salafis have written about this this error and put it out on the internet since that time.It is not known that he has retracted these statements openly.

    3These statements were made publicaly and spread all over the internet and you tube so it is upon the salafis students of knowlede to clarify publicaly the misconceptions that were spread publically.The condition of giving advice has no evidence whoever errs openly is to be censured openly.

  3. Abu Abdillaah
    March 30, 2012 at 22:19

    Brother I am not upset with you in the slightest, you have done what you feel is correct in accordance with the deen and may Allaah swt reward you for it.

    I agree if someone makes an error it should be corrected but it is better it is done privately then if the speaker does not take back his statement then it is necessary for others to correct him and I don’t have an issue with this but I see you feel this is not the case.

    I also don’t think people go to see such speakers because they are popular, rather they become popular because people gain something by listening to them and this is the first time I have heard anything negative about Yusuf Estes, he is a da’ee, not a scholar and perhaps we should listen to him on that level and go to our ulema for fatawaah?

    Regarding the points you have made,

    1. a strange choice of words. I perhaps wrongly assumed there was a link between your posting this here and the fact he is speaking in Leicester. I apologise if this is not the case.

    However I know some people have been privately warning against his talk, just as they privately warned against the talk last week at Masjid Taybah, causing it to be cancelled so could you clarify given your choice of words you have not privately warned against his talk?

    I am not saying this is necessary you, but some salafis have an attitude that if someone is not salafi enough, or is on some list of ‘off the manhaj’ scholars and speakers then it gives them free reign to belittle them and discourage people from listening to them as much as they like.

    2. Do you have a link to or a copy of this lecture, has any body actually approached Yusuf Estes with a transcript or a recording of it explaining its errors by a scholar or talib ul ilm to so he has a chance to correct himself?

    I would be interested in listening to this talk myself, not just one short commentary regarding one comment within to make sure it is within context as you state it is.

    3. Regarding your last point, do you have anything further I can read on this as I have always been taught otherwise, even if so given he is in Leicester could someone not at least give him a letter expressing concerns over this matter if an email was impossible in the past due to not being able to get hold of his email address?

    Even if you are correct, and it is not necessary to advice someone of their errors in person, would it still not be better to do so if his errors are so large as to require a refutation video and post from yourself so that he has the chance to be guided inshallaah and that then you will get the reward of correcting him and his spreading the correct understanding of the deen to many others later inshallaah?

  4. March 30, 2012 at 23:48

    1.yes there is a link between me posting and the fact that he is due to visit next, but your assumption that It was with the intention to warn against going to his talk was wrong,Rather it was to raise awareness amongst salafis first and formost about this mistake as I veiw it as quite a serious misunderstanding and just like you were unaware many brothers and sisters who ascribe themselves to this manhaj are unaware of this.Another speaker who recently came to masjid taqwa reffered to us salafis us being “like flies that are attracted to feaces.Maybe you should ask the administration at masjid taqwa why they seem to keep inviting speakers who speak or have spoken about us salafis in such a derogotory and mocking ways

    I can confirm that I have not warned against yusef estes talk publicly or privately to anyone(as nobody has asked me) nor did I privately warned against the talk that was sheduled at taybah last week as i Dont know the canadian speaker nor yusef chambers but I have some Issues with the manhaj of IERA.

    2 This is the link as for correcting this error and pointing this out to him this is the responsibility of the masjid taqwa administration it is upon them to thouroughly research the speakers they are going to put in front of the community before they book them

    3.The evidence for my last point can be found in a book entitled “a critique of the methodology of Anwar al-Awlaki and his Errors in the fiqh of Jihad” page 29 and the invalidation of the condition of giving private advice before one is refuted openly is disscussed on page 32 the last paragragh.You can obtain a free copy of this book from sunnah bookstore which is situated at 42a maynard rd off nedham st,just walk in and ask for a free copy they will be happy to give you one

    Weighing up if the advice should be given in public or private all depends on the benifits and the harms and what is trying to be acheived.The first and formost concern is the general salafi youth who has concern about who he takes knowledge from and to make him/her aware off what i consider to be a serious misunderstanding and accusing salafi scholars of inventing the term salafi and “bringing a lot of stuff from himself”

    As for advising yusef estes himself then like I said before this is the job of the admin of masjid taqwa as they ascribe themselves to the methodology of ahlu hadeeth they are the ones that are foremost responsible for giving him advice as they will hosting him maybe you can ask the admin to raise the issue with him and ask him to make a public clarification of this issue when he does his talk next week

  5. Abu Abdillaah
    March 31, 2012 at 06:03

    1. Jazakallaahu khairan for your clarification, but I didn’t think any of that ugliness last week came from you or at least I had hoped not. Though it is possible you may have a better idea of who was behind it than me but I have been briefed against privately myself and I know people still do this.

    This is even though none of them, these ‘salafi’ gossip mongers, have had the courage to confront me over alleged differences over the past through years, just friends and brothers will come and say ‘I have been warned you are such and such’ and when asked who told them they say they wish to remain nameless.

    So forgive me if I take the warnings of some salafis with a pinch of salt, and verify matters myself before believing them as we are commanded in the Quran.

    for example the ‘fleas attracted to feaces’ comment could be directed at everyone who attempt to cling to the salafi manhaj, or just those who have made it into a hizb, or just a narrow section amongst them, or just a particular masjid, or just a particular group amongst them at that masjid. Though I would vigerously disagree with people using such language towards their brothers in Islam I would understand it given how some, though by no means all, or even a majority of salafis behalf.

    2. Regarding Yusuf Estes comments, you see in its context he is speaking against those who make the salafi manhaj into a hizb and how this has been used and abused in the west especially to divide the muslims.

    So why not post this whole video not just the refutation to allow others to make the decision themselves whether he is misguided or not?

    I am far from being even a student of knowledge but I would be happy to book Sheikh Yusuf Estes for an event if all I had to go on was this video and I am glad masjid taqwa has booked him, he is not coming as a scholar but as a da’ee, just as someone giving a reminder.

    Notice the difference in how he spoke of Sheikh albani, how he mentioned his good traits, his great deeds, then he came to the difference he had and in the end it is not much more than the difference many salafis have with those who have made the manhaj into a hizb.

    3. I have that book, Jazakallaahu khairan, I intend on reading it and its on my ‘books to read’ list and will pay attention to this part of it you mention.

    I will mention it to one or two of the committee members if I can inshallaah though given you already seem more well versed in the issues I think it would be better you spoke to him youself and clarified matters with him and got the reward of it yourself.

  6. azim
    March 31, 2012 at 10:13

    this video was unecessary and not a good way of giving naseeha

  7. shen
    May 23, 2012 at 00:39

    same old inter salafee fitnah and in-fighting.

    you forgot to put the link to the video of rabee refuting bin baaz.

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