Masjid Quba “Cultivating The Muslims upon Salafiyyah”

This phrase Taken from Masjid Quba in st Matthew Leicester`s New logo would raise eyebrows in some circles as In recent years Masjid Quba has been associated with Takferis(1) in Their ranks,but it Now seems That those in authority in Masjid Quba want to turn a new page on their recent turbulent past and openly call to Dawatus Salafiyyah!One committee member said “In the past we had some takfiris in our ranks   but we have got rid of them”.There are also some youth associated with  Masjid Quba who are currently studying in Madeenah University who are keen for Masjid Quba To openly propagate  Dawatus Salafiyyah

This is unusual as even with those mosques in Leicester that ascribe to following The understanding of the salaf you rarely or never find them openly proclaiming that they are Salafis or that they propagate dawatus Salafiyyah this is because some feel that there is a stigma connected to the word salafi others feel that this will turn people away and it is not wise to use this term openly and others completely disassociate themselves from this word as they feel that this would cause them to become a group like other astray groups such as the Brelwis and Deobandis.

This is far from the truth as The Dawatus salafiyyah is a methodology and not a group.

We ask Allah lord of the mighty Throne to facilitate Masjid Quba to Propogate The dawatus Salafiyyah openly

(1)The Takferis are Muslims who unjustly excommunicate(Make Takfir) of Muslims from the fold of Islam not following the proper rules when doing that and not referring to the scholars of Islam.They specially concentrate on the Muslims Rulers Declaring Them to be all apostate for either Ruling with other Than Allah`s Law or for making Allegiance with the Kuffar,SOME well known heads of The Takferis in the UK include people Like Abu Hamza Al-Misri,Omar Bakri al-fustuq Faisel Abdullah al-Jamaykee and Abu Qutadaah from Jordon.All of the above individuals have either been expelled from the UK or are currently imprisoned awaiting extradition.

Posted by Jafar Jeffrey Asalafi

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