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  1. Shen
    October 5, 2012 at 21:31

    Is it not a tad bit of an exaggeration to say “student” of “grand mufti of india”? Is this how this salafi shaykh was known? Is this how your own imam of jarh like rabee’ described “the grand mufti of india” or it something you made up yourself to make you feel important?

  2. Shen
    October 6, 2012 at 11:19

    Also, if numbers not important as you said jafar, why not mention the “wahabi” authors full name?

    To me it looks like you guys are really trying to get more followers (numbers) with those names and exaggerated excessive titles you have given. A student of the GRAND MUFTI!

    Wow, this guy is some serious shaykh.

    • October 6, 2012 at 17:02

      If numbers was our intention then our programs would centre around gimmicky and numbers-drawing titles such as marriage and stories etc. our programs are centred around the issues that are rarely clarified and most important and apart from the scholars, we do not promote ourselves via you tube or other name making channels.Dawah requires hikmah and we try to adopt it.

      As for your comment about grand titles, to which do you refer? MSLs teachers are local da’ees and people are generally interested in knowing their credentials. We do not put grand titles by their names like ‘shaykh’ or ‘mawlana’ unlike others, despite how much study they have done. To mention their teachers is a far more respectable way to inform the people that the speakers do have a background in the Arabic language and Islamic learning. As for the scholars we may mention, then yes, we mention them as they have been mentioned by other scholars and how they are known amongst the people. We feel that these titles are befitting for them and if you take the time to read about them yourself you may agree. Your comment is surprising since we are in a city where many individuals who may not even be grounded in the Arabic language for starters, are hailed as shaykhs and mawlanas and even hadhrat shaykh ul hadeeth and other shockingly grand titles. Maybe your comments are better directed at them first. This is our response to you and we do not wish to make this an unreasonable exchange of arguments. I pray Allaah grants us all sincerity, ameen

  3. shen
    October 6, 2012 at 22:52

    There is no position of “Grand Mufti” of India. It is something you have invented. Countries like Saudi have official authorised “Grand Mufti” , India is not like that as you well know. Even if one was authorised as “Grand Mufti” he wouldn’t be from the Ahlul Hadith movement but rather some sufi type school. So who in fact is doing deception here with big grandiose titles that they themselves give.

    Being a student of the grand mufti makes your own position and status higher. It’s a manner of exaggeration and deception. If he was just a student of the late Shaykh it might be more realistic. Also, how can he comsider himself a student when he has been in Madinah? Some of you salafis even differ with who is a student of Albani even after people stayed with shaykh for years. ABdullah Farsi did a video on those type of madkhali salafis on youtube.

    Likewise, Wassiullah being a “deputy mufti” – where has this title come from? is this how he is known in Saudi or is it more exaggeration to promote your own “student”?

    The reason this discussion is taking place with you, is because the salafis are picky with these titles, yet they don’t see they are doing it themselves. Your salafi forums are filled with such accusations about your own madkhali shaykhs giving titles of Allamah and Shaykh one day but the next day calling them Devils and Jahil. It’s a trait the salafis have which they see, to be blind from seeing themselves. Example from salafi forums Yahya Hajoori was a Yemeni Shaykh, Student of Imam Muqbil – next he’s vile tounged with little manners or knowledge. Same with Faleh Harbi. Same with many other Salafis so called Shaykhs and Muftis.

    In fact you yourself are doing similar here. Zulfiqar is now a student of a Grand Mufti and a Deputy Mufti, so what does that make him? and What will he be tomorrow? Only Allah knows – this is the way of you salafis whereever you are. Splitting and multiplying into many hizbs, all pleased with your own way and each saying it’s the ONLY way and everyone else is misguided.

  4. abul-hassaan
    October 9, 2012 at 16:30

    As-salamu Alaykum (since you did not have the manners to even say salam)

    Shen, maybe you have a little too much time on your hands. If you don’t like the way the brothers write their posters then why not firstly have an ounce of respect and advise your Muslim brothers with kindness since they have not distorted the deen or committed haraam, its a very pedantic criticism. Also if you are from leicester you might want to take a look at everyone other than the salafis who make everyone a shaykh!! with huge titles even for people who are virtually kids and have completed a short course that doesn’t even teach them Arabic properly. i think you’ll find the salafis are about the only ones who stay humble and only put the info they have to enough to inform the people, unless there is a shaykh who is known like that.

    Also it looks to me as if you have met one or two extreme and ignorant salafis who have that constant refuting anyone attitude and you’re painting everyone with the same brush. From what i know of MSL they are far far from this and have very balanced views. Unlike barlvis for example who hate and curse everyone but themselves and forbid praying behind anyone who they term ‘wahabi’ without brining any shar’i evidence for the invalidity of the salad behind them.

    Lastly since you want to gain some limelight by dissing people on the internet, why not develop some manhood and reveal your true identity for a start…

    Allah guide us all

  5. shen
    October 14, 2012 at 23:10

    abul hasan – don’t wish to disrespect you or your post, but i couldn’t help but smile when i read your post. Especially…

    “advise your Muslim brothers with kindnes”

    “huge titles”

    “salafis are the only ones to remain humble”

    “one or two ignorant salafis”

    “dissing people on the internet”

    “develop some manhood”

    Either you are totally ignorant about what the “internet” salafis are about or you are willfully turning a blind eye to it. Just go to any of the well known salafi websites/forums and listen to them bickering. In fact from the words above, you would have described many of them quite well.

    don’t you salafis argue about if Faleh Harbi is a Allamah or just a tiny student? Same with others like Al-Madkhali and Al-Jabiree? and doesn’t your group spend a huge amount of time in Arabia, Madinah students included arguing about this one and that one.

    You talk about advising with “kindness” – is attacking the elders of deoband advising with kindness? No – but you will justify it because the elders of deoband “distorted the deen and committed haram”. Look at yur own websites and the vile things they are filled with. Why Abul Hasan do you think there is a need to destroy the honour and integrity of Imam Abu Hanifa rahimahullah? These are just a couple of examples of your kindness towards muslims. Have you forgotten what your Big Allamah faleh said about the muslims of Afghanistans muslims? or were they too deviant for your “kindness”

    a lot more can be said about your hypocritical post, but it’d be like discussing something with a wall. If you can’t see your criticism of me in your own group, you have a much bigger problem.

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