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Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah refuted the justification used by Tableeghi group today!

by raheequlilm.wordpress.com |

From the things that Tableeghi group use as a justification for their Da’wah- that is not upon the Sunnah- is their saying: “we make people repent from sins”. They have indoctrinated their audience and sympathisers with this statement so much so that if you try to point out the deviance that Tableeghi group is upon, you will straight away be met with this saying.

And Shaykhul-Islam rahimahul-llaah has refuted this saying when he debated the Sufis.

Shaykhul-Islam Ibn Taimiyyah mentioned his debate with Sufis in Majmoo’ul-Fatwaa 11/472-474:

He [the Sufi] said to me: an example of innovation is adultery, and he mentioned a hadeeth in rebuking adultery.

I [Shaykhul-Islam] said: this hadeeth is fabricated, adultery is a sin and the innovation is worse than the sin as Sufyaan Ath-Thawree said: innovation is more beloved to Iblees than sinning; it is possible to repent from sinning but it is not possible to repent from innovation.

And some of them [the Sufis] have said: we make people repent.

I [Shaykhul-Islam] said: you make them repent from what?

He [the Sufi] said: from thievery, highway robbery and so forth.

I [Shaykhul-Islam] said: their condition before you make them repent is better than their condition after you made them repent; verily, they were transgressors and they used to believe that what they were upon is unlawful, they were hoping for the mercy of Allaah and repenting to Him or intending to repent. By having them repenting, you made them misguided, polytheists who have deserted from the divine Islamic law, who love what Allaah hates and hate what Allaah loves. And I [Shaykhul-Islam] have clarified that these innovations that them and others are upon are worse than sins.

I [Shaykhul-Islam] said addressing the prince and the audience: as for sins, it is like what Al-Bukhaaree collected from the narration of Umar bin Al-Khattaab that there was a man who was called Himaar , he used to drink wine and make the Prophet peace is upon him laugh. And every time he was brought to the Prophet peace is upon him [because of drinking wine], he would flog him. A man cursed him [himaar] once and said: may Allaah curse him, how many times he is brought to the Prophet peace is upon him? The Prophet peace is upon him said: “do not curse him for that he loves Allaah and His Messenger”. [This hadeeth is in Bukhaaree no 6398].

I [Shaykhul-Islam] said: so this is a man who used to drink wine a lot, and even so when his creed was sound, he loved Allaah and His Messenger, the Prophet peace is upon him testified that for him and forbade cursing him.

As for the innovator, it is like what they have collected in the two Saheehs, from the narration of Alee bin Abee Taalib, Abu Sa’eed Al-Khudree and others-the hadeeths merged- that the Prophet peace is upon him was distributing [spoils of war], a man who had protrusion on his forehead, his head was shaved and his beard was think and between his eyes was the mark of prostration, he came up to the Prophet peace is upon him and said what he said! [He said to the Prophet: O Muhammad, be just for that this distribution is a one that is not for the sake of Allaah]. And the Prophet peace is upon him said: “there will come from the offspring of this [man] a group of people, one of you would belittle his prayer compared to their prayer, his fasting compared to their fasting and his recitation compared to their recitation. They would recite the Qur’aan but it won’t go beyond their throats, they leave Islam the same way the arrow leaves the bow. If I witness them, I shall kill them the same way that ‘Aad was killed”. [This hadeeth is in Bukhaaree no 3166 and Muslim 1064].

I [Shaykhul-Islam] said: so those people, despite their abundant prayers, fasting and recitation, and despite the worship and abstinence they are upon, the Prophet peace is upon him commanded killing them, and Alee bin Abee Taalib and those who were with him from the companions of the Prophet peace is upon him have killed them . And that is because they left the Sunnah of the Prophet peace is upon him and his divine law. [End of Quotation].

So that is how Shaykhul-Islam rahimahul-llaah refuted the saying: “we make people repent from sins” and this shows you that this statement has been inherited from the Sufis!

And as it has been said: every group of people has an heir!

It must be stated, saying that innovation is worse than sinning does not mean that one can underestimate sins and indulge in them. As it is known in the creed of Ahlus-Sunnah, committing sins decreases one’s faith and it has many other negative effects.

So, one must avoid sins to keep his faith intact.

And this has been said because it is feared that some people thought that being upon the Sunnah means one can sin as he/she likes. And obviously this is a deficient understanding of religion.

And praise is to Allaah at first and at last.

  1. shen
    March 20, 2013 at 14:45

    Interesting story bro

    But don’t the “salafees” themselves argue about joining the wrong salafee group and it leading to damnation… with all of them claiming to be on the haq. You got Birmingham salafees saying the yemeni hajuri salafees are deviated innovators.

    Also, the point that needs to be mentioned about the story, is that many salafees have a form of irjaa where sins are meaningless because “they got the right Aqeedah”. So in a way they beleive sins don’t effect their imaan, And who is to say those tableegis before being tableeghi had correct aqeedah and would even think of repenting.

    Frankly using evidence like this against tableegh jamaat is ridiculous, given how salafees behave in this day and age… and that is all the various salafee-jihadi groups out there

    • April 3, 2013 at 21:50

      Shen we have demonstrated to you from the books of the tablighis that it is full of shirk. Calling and supplicating to the messenger and all you can do is try and throw smokescreens by trying divert the subject to something else!

      .The fact remains most of the creed of deobandis and the Brelwis are deviated.Why are you trying to defend them?

      Those salafis that are disputing are far away from shirk.while our friends and relatives still think that the dead can benefit them!

      Who is worthy of our time|

      If our mothers.fathers grandparents brothers sisters die on Major shirk where will there destination be in the hereafter shen?

  2. March 20, 2013 at 17:46

    As for the arguments between different salafis i dont have time to keep up with it as here in leicester i found myself surrounded by deobandis and brealwis who have aqeedah that is full of shirk and all kinds of innovations,so i am busy trying to help correct the sufis here in leicester

    Although the salafis may differ on the issue of iman they dont,They all beleive that Iman is a beleif in the heart sayings of the tounge and actions of the limbs and all the salafis are free from irja

  3. shen
    March 28, 2013 at 23:45

    so is irja only what you have defined in a textbook?

    Is it not a form of irja to leave of actions affecting a persons iman. So you can sin as much as you want but your imaan (salafiyyah for the salafees) stays the same…. because you have “salafee Aqeedah” you are safe. So sinning don’t REALLY matter as long as you got “salafee Aqeedah”… it’s the innovators and mushriks that got to worry about their iman. Is that what you think?

    Also, don’t play naive… You know very well Salafis accuse each other of being murji and khariji. From al-Albani to the takfeeri types. From the banned books of Albanbis student in Saudi arabia for spreading Murji aqeedah. You know very well the salafees are conbsumed by this problem. In fact they devour each other because of accusations of innovation.

    Your grand shaikh Rabee’ accuses another one whose lecture you had only a few days ago – al-hajoori – of being a greatest threat… he didn’t say deobandis or brelwis, or shiaa or rafida or any other group… he said al-hajoori is the biggest threat to salafiyyah even in Russia!

    You must be denying reality of your own group. Wake up

  4. shen
    March 29, 2013 at 00:15

    If anything the truth that being blind to repentness due to being drowned in innovation applies to the “salafees” as much as it does any other muslim. For example you either fall into the murji salafee (if you’re a follower of albani salafee aqeedah – according to some saudi salafees) or you khariji salafee (if you follow some of the saudi salafi aqeedah – according to some of albani students followers). So either way – you could be doing innovation according to your own group… and therefore won’t consider repenting from that (irja/khawarij) tendencies/innovations/beleifs.

    So instead of the story being directed to tableegh – maybe you need to look internally at yourself and your own sect.

    Also, do note that the sufis that Shaykh ul islam was talking about was maybe a type th\at led to leaving the fold of islam – hinted by his mention of polytheism. Please look at how the great Ibn Taymiyyah discussed and handles these affairs. He didn’t go crazy labeling everyone mushriks or showed bad manners. He discussed matters and used intelligence and refuted with beautiful clarity.

    Look at you salafees today and how far you have seperated from the way of Shaykh ul Islam and those pious people before him. Saying the greatest War today is withYahyaa al-Hajori….. REALLY??! All the thousands of thousands of bodies lying in Syria, Burma, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere??? But the greatest war today is with Yahya al-hajuri? and for you I suppose it’s the Tableegh jamaat?!!

    Do you know any history and how What Shaykh ul Islam did for THE MUSLIMS in that area of Egypt and Syria… When they were being terrorized by the Mongols?

  5. Shen
    March 31, 2013 at 15:31

    Is the bidah (according to some scholars) of drawing lines in masjid to straighten rows worse than the major sin of fornication?

    The salafees today are obsessed with labeling others innovators that’s why you see them, especially in the west indulging with sinners and have bad manners. Because those things are not important to them, even though good manners will be weighty on the day of judgement.

  6. shehzadsattar
    April 3, 2013 at 21:41

    Asalaamulaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

    First of all Shen, may Allah bless you.

    The reason why I am assuming Brother Jafar is focusing on tableegh jamaat in this article and the not the issues between the salafi brothers; well it’s simple actually. We live in Leicester and the falsehood and misunderstandings promoted by the soofiyyah/deobandiyyah/tabligh jamaat is a major threat to islam and orthodox belief in the oneness of Allah in Leicester. Where we live as well as the rest of the world.

    When Allah the Mighty and Majestic sent all the Prophets (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon them all); they came to correct the belief of the people first. To set straight the peoples aqeedah.

    When you analayse the statements made in the books of tabligh jamaat, deoband molvis, etc. You will find strange strange things. Then hidden inside will be a promotion of their distorted beliefs such as:

    Kashf: The literal meaning of Kashf is unveiling but in Sufi terminology it means to expose the heart to metaphysical revelation or in other words have independent knowledge of Ghaib.

    Tajalli: The higher state of Kashf where a person has the vision of Allah Himself! And far above is He from what they say.

    Wahdatul Wajood: The most evil aqeedah of all. This means that only Allah exists and the rest is nothing. In other words, everything is Allah and Allah is everything – the man, the donkey, the tree. And refuge is sought with Allah the Most Merciful.

    Fanaa’: Self-annihilation. It means to render oneself insane in the love of Allah and achieve a higher plane of communication with Allah.

    Fazaail amaal is full of bizzare tales of Pirs/Boozroogs/Elders based a lot around graves and dreams. The use of fabricated hadeeth and encouragement to give dawah without knowledge.

    They call Ibn Arabee Shaykh ul Akbar even though the scholars of past have made takfeer on him and his false belief. They believe that Ali (may Allah have mercy upon him) was given secret knowledge that no one else was given, they are able to see the unseen ie. Who goes to jannah and Jahanam etc. And amongst many other things that are alien to Islam, promote that Allah is everywhere through secretly burying the aqeedah of Wahdatul Wajood inside their books, they lack to teach the laymen basic teachings of aqeedah.

    Please read the following quote by Imdadullah Muhaajir Makki:

    “From Shamaaim-e-Imdaadiyah, “… its reality (Wahdat al-Wajood) is experienced only when a disciple becomes distant from his own self by striving hard and ignoring every danger. Because when a person becomes unaware of his self, he is unaware of everything. Nothing remains in his thoughts or his sight except Allah. Therefore, all concentration of the disciple is upon Allah. When nothing distracts his attention and he meditates his mind on Allah; then when he opens his eyes, he sees nothing but Allah. (At this stage) the Dhikr of Hu Hu (He He) turns to Ana Ana (Me Me) . This stage is called Fanah der Fanah… (Similarly) from the special Ummah, Ba Yazid Bastami said: ‘Subhaani maa Aadhaam-Shaani (Far removed am I from all imperfections, how great is my state) and Mansoor Hallaj said: ‘Anal-Haqq’ (I am the Truth).” Shamaaim-e-Imdaadiyah, p.36

    My beloved brother; wake up to reality of what is propergated around you and through your so called ‘scholars’ and their books. Allah the Most Merciful and his final messenger Muhammad (Sallalahu Alayhee Wasallam) are free from their lies.

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