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Markaz Sunnah New Audio Class starting Sunday 7th April @ 6pm

Markaz sunnah Leicester will be starting a New Audio class from sunday 7th April at 6pm.The first small book of Aqeedah We will be played every Sunday for four weeks insha Allaah and it will be played over masjid Quba`s pa system.Brothers and Sisters are welcome

As-Sunnah Explanation of Al-Muzani
(Al Muzani’s Sharhus Sunnah)
Shaykh Maher Bin Dhafer Al-Qahtani (hafidhahullaah)


Sharhus-Sunnah was penned by the Noble Imām Ismā’īl Ibn Yahyā al-Muzanī (d.264H) – the student of Imām ash-Shāfi’ī (d.204H) – over a millennium ago. In this return to the earliest sources of Islām, the Imām covers all of the foundational issues of faith in Islām including, Allāh`s ascendancy over the creation, the Qadr (pre-decree), Īmān, the Qurān, the Attributes of Allāh, the Resurrection, Seeing Allāh in the Hereafter, the Companions and much more.

He is Abu Ibraaheem, Ismaa’eel bin Yahyaa, bin Ismaa’eel bin Amr bin Muslim al-Muzanee al-Misree and he is the student of Imaam ash-Shaafi’ee. He was born in 175H and died in 264H. His shaykhs include Imaam ash-Shaafi’ee, Nu’aym bin Hammaad, Alee bin Ma’bad and Asbagh bin Naafi’. His students include Abu Bakr bin Khuzaimah (d. 311H), Abu Ja’far at-Tahawi(d. 321), Zakariyyaa bin Yahyaa as-Saajee (d. 307H).
This creed of al-Muzanee is taken from the printed edition of his risaalah “Sharh us-Sunnah” (tahqeeq Jamaal Azzoon, 1st edition, 1995CE) and it is taken from three manuscripts:

From a collection of manuscripts from the Maktabah of Shaheed Alee Pasha in Turkey, photos of which are amongst the manuscripts of the Islamic University of Madinah, no. 1694, and it has its full chain of narrators to al-Muzanee.
That which is included by Ibn al-Qayyim in “Ijtimaa’ Juyoosh al-Islaamiyyah” and adh-Dhahabee in “al-Uluww”
That which is found in the library of Shaykh Hammaad al-Ansaaree consisting of four pages and 29 lines, and it has its full chain of narrators to al-Muzanee.

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