Refutation of Habib Ali al Jifiri

Refutation of Habib Ali al Jifiri – Sheikh Fawzaan

Question :
What is your opinion on Habib Ali ul Jifiri ? Is he from Ahl Al Sunnah Wa Al Jaamah ? We have heard many people state that listening to him is fine. So please clarify for us his creed because their has been a great affliction caused by this man.

Sheikh Fawzaan :
The mans audio recordings and books will judge for itself. The man is an innovator. A babbler. He calls to worship the graves and souls. He is a babbler. His audio recordings are available. In his own words, he mocks Ahl AlSunnah and Ahl Al-Tawheed (Family Of Monotheism). He mocks them.

Refutation of Habib Ali al Jifiri – Sheikh al Raajahee

A questioner from the UAE asks, many people have taken up the issue of warning against him or defending him in regards to Habib Ali al Jifri. So what is your advice ? And if he is to be warned against – than is this considered from the forbidden type of backbiting ?

Sheikh AbdelAziz al Raajhee :
What we see is that Habib Ali Al Jifri is a sufi (soofee) and the sufis are ash’aris. He praises them – promotes pantheism “wihdet al wujuud” and the likes of it (them). Likewise he endorses shirk (polytheism), and the seeking intercession (supplication) from / on the dead. He is a babbler, qaaburee (grave worshiper), sufi, ash’ari. This isn’t considered backbiting, rather it is mere advice. Warning against the evil doers, innovators, and the ones that mislead. This isn’t backbiting, rather this is advice. He is a babbler. There is no doubt that he is a babbler. We have heard his words on an audio recording of him, we have found that he endorses the call of the qaaburiyyah (grave worshipers) and seeking intercession from the Prophet. He attributes baseless matters to the Companions – he negates the hadiths. He is a babbler, sufi, qaaburee, ash’ari.

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