Attending the Funeral of an Innovator in the Time of the Salaf!

Bismillaah Al-Hamdulillaah wa salatu wa salaamu ‘ala rasulullaah
Shaikh Zayd bin Muhammad bin Haadee al-Madkhalee (hafidhahullaah) stated:

“When Bishr al-Mareesee died, not a single Sunni attended his janaazah – and this was alongside the fact that that the people of Sunnah were widespread in the land – except one man from Ahlus-Sunnah did attend, and he knew what Bishr al-Mareesee was upon from “Tajahhum”, i.e. denial of the punishment of the grave, denial of the intercession on the Day of Resurrection – however he only attended the funeral to make du’aa against him, not to make du’aa for him! So when Bishr was placed in his grave, this Sunni supplicated:

“O Allaah! If this servant of yours denied the Punishment of the Grave, then let him taste the Punishment of the Grave the likes of which no one from existence has ever tasted!

So when the people supplicated, he likewise continued to supplicate:

“O Allaah! If this servant of your denied the Intercession of the Day of Resurrection, then do not permit any of your servants to intercede for him.”

When he returned to his companions from Ahlus-Sunnah, they said to him, “You claim you are a person of Sunnah, yet you accompanied the funeral of Bishr?!” He responded, “Don’t be hasty until I inform you [of what I did].”

So he informed them regarding what he had done and said – they believed him and laughed after initially being annoyed and angry with him.”

See: Taareekh Baghdaad of al-Khateeb (7/22), Akhbaar adh-Dhiraaf wal-Mutamaajineen of Ibnul-Jawzee (p.70), from the book: at-Ta’leeq al-Mateen ‘ala Asl as-Sunnah wa I’tiqaad ad-Deen of the two Imaams ar-Raaziyain by al-’Allaamah Zaid bin Muhammad bin Haadeeal-Madkhalee, (p. 196)

Translators note:

My brothers and sisters: This is the treatment the Salaf used to mete out to the callers to bid’ah and misguidance! At the very least, they would stay away from them and avoid meeting them or being cordial with them, rather they would rebuke them and refute them! They would even rebuke the one who attended their funerals from the people of Sunnah.As for the Jama’aatus-Siyaasiyah of today – the hizbi groups who indulge in innovations and gather numbers in order to gain political influence and status – then their motto is: “We will be cordial with anyone who advances our political goals. Rather we shall invite them to us, and show them generosity and give them a platform in our Mosques to invite our congregation [to misguidance!]“ So beware of being beguiled by such people, even if they come in the guise of the Sunnah!
In Akhbaar adh-Dhiraaf wal-Mutamaajineen of Ibnul-Jawzee (p.70) it states:‘Uthmaan bin Sa’eed ad-Daarimee* said that a thiqah (i.e. trustworthy person) from our companions said:
When Bishr al-Mareesee died, no one from the people of Knowledge and Sunnah attended his funeral except for ‘Ubaid ash-Shooneezee. When he returned from the Janaazah they criticised and rebuked him. So he said:

“Wait, hold on until I inform you [of my reasons]! I did not attend the Janaazah hoping for reward in it, and I did not attend for the purpose of witnessing his Janaazah. When I stood in the row to pray I said: O Allaah! This slave of yours did not believe in seeing You in the Hereafter. O Allaah! Screen him from seeing your Face on the Day when the believers will see you. O Allaah! This slave of yours did not believe in the Punishment of the Grave. O Allaah! Punish him today in his grave with a punishment that you have not punished anyone with in all of the worlds. O Allaah! This slave of yours used to deny the Scales (Meezaan). O Allaah! Make light his scales [of good deeds] on the Day of Resurrection. O Allaah! This slave of yours used to deny the Intercession. O Allaah! Do do allow anyone from Your creation to intercede for him on the Day of Resurrection.”
“So they stopped rebuking him, and laughed!”

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