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Whats happening in Leicester in June 2015?

pre-ramadhan seminar finalthe salaf in ramadhan Abu UsamahSadhaan-poster

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Whats going on in Leicester in April 2015

ta'awaanShaykh Dawoo-1 (2)Abu Taymiyya Jeylani aqeedahTaybah abu suhaib (2) april

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Upcoming Lecture

Muhammad malikee november

upcoming Lectures in Masjid Quba Leicester UK/Autumn

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Double Lecture

September 15, 2014 Leave a comment

double lecture

Lecture with Shaykh wasiullah Abbass-Masjid Quba Leicester UK monday 1st September

shaykh poster wasiullah 2014

Following the Salaf as Saalih conference-Masjid Furqaan Leicester conference 16th-17th August

Salaf-furqaan poster