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Whats happening in Leicester in June 2015?

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Whats going on in Leicester in April 2015

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Lecture:Ustadh Arshad Basheer Madani


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Shaykh Salih as Suhaymee on Jamiat Ahlul hadeeth India

VIDEO – Deobandis and Wahdatul Wajood – Ali Hassan Khan

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Summer Telelink Conference


Ramadaan Advice and Questions to Shaykh ‘Aasim al-Qaryooti (may Allaah preserve him)

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Ramadan Advice and Questions

Shaykh ‘Aasim bin Abdillah al-Qaryooti, may Allaah preserve him[1]

The first thing I advise you with is having taqwa of Allaah and the reality of taqwa is that Allaah is worshipped, obeyed and not disobeyed. He is remembered and not forgotten. This is the reality of taqwa, which is an expression of [worship] of Allaah, the Most High. And it is required of the slave at every time and period, but to a greater extent in these days, especially during the last ten nights [of Ramadaan] when there is an increased emphasis upon worship and obedience in these excellent days – seeking laylatul Qadr and standing in prayer.

And it is upon us to benefit from this blessed period. And from that which has been legislated during this period is al-I’tikaaf, which is cutting off from the worldly life, seeking the Hereafter. However, I would…

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