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1. P. Zainul Abideen (P.J) says that there are Mistakes in the Qur’an. And according to him, the Qur’an is preserved in the recitation only not in written form. For all this 1400 years, muslims have been using the written Quran with spelling and gramatical mistakes, though the recitation is correct and preserved.

2. P. Zainul Abideen (P.J) rejects 50 ahaadeeth from Saheehul Bukhari and Saheeh Muslim, saying that it contradicts the Quran. Later he rejected many saheeh hadeeth saying that it contradicts with sound logic and nature.

3. P. Zainul Abideen (P.J) says that only once Zakat given in a life time on a particular wealth is sufficient; and that one need not give Zakaath on it again every year.
4. P. Zainul Abideen (P.J) puts forward his view ahead of the understanding of the Sahaabaa, and thereby contradicts the methodology of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah. Also he condemns and defames the sahabah. Eg: He said about Umar (rali) that Umar (rali) had got “Confusion in belief” when he heard that the Prophet(S) died. He also had said that Amr bin Al Aas was “Criminal minded”. When people made this an issue and condemned him, he still said, ” If someone does the same act of Amr bin Al Ass, we will surely say he is Criminal minded. So what is wong in What I said?””
He puts forward the mistakes of Sahabah and claims that we can understand Quran and Sunnah, better than the sahabah. He says that the Salafees are doing taqleed of sahabah.

5. P. Zainul Abideen (P.J) denies Black Magic – Sihar, even if there are ahaadeeth found in Saheeh Bukhari and other books of hadeeth. He says that Sihr in Quran means “Trickery”. He challenges those who believe in Sihr ,to make Sihr upon him and prove that Sihr really exists.

6. He denies that Jinn can enter human beings. He rejects the hadeeth that support this view and makes taweel of Quran verses to suit his thoughts.

7. He recently, from 2010, suddenly said that he and his supporters discussed and came to a decision that “Evil Eye” is a superstition and belief in it is Shirk and Whoever believes EVil eye even after his explanation, are mushriks.

8. He claims recently that Belief in Sihr , is Shirk. And whoever believes that Sihr is more than trickery, even after getting his explanations, then he is a mushrik, and should not be prayed behind and should not be married.

9. He claims that Even if Bukhari, Muslim Imams believed in Sihr, they cannot be judged mushriks, as they did not get the explanation of PJ, as how it becomes shirk. If they had got his explanations and still belived in Sihr , then they would be mushriks also.

10. He made a translation of Quran and translated the verse “sihr” to “trickery” and fools around the common people who do not know arabic.

There are many more blunders of PJ, but I have just given the most deviated things.

Around 100,000 people of Tamilnadu, India, follow him as a great imam and think that His explanations are correct .

Note : In the early life of PJ, he studied islam in a deobandi school and then became a murtad denying the existance of Allah. Then later he accepted islam and started first preaching against Shirk and Bidah. Then he started all these above devient things.

The following is a letter made long ago from Tamil students of knowledge to the Mufti Aal Shiekh. Recently he has becomes more devient than the points mentioned in this letter.Mufti Aal Sheikh invited him to saudi. But he denyed coming to Saudi saying that he has some work to do. He claims to his people that Mufti actually called him as a cheif guest.

PDF – Letter made long ago from Tamil students of knowledge to the Mufti Aal Shiekh reg PJ Jainul Abideen

Post Courtesy: Masoud bin Ahmed/Rajeef Musthafa

Editors Note:This post is particularly relevant to sri-lankan and tamil speaking community of Leicester as their are a hardcore of the followers of pj present in Leicester city.
They continue to promote him despite being advised and shown the severe errors of Zainul abideen.This bigoted following has caused a fitnah and a split within the sri-lankan community.
We ask Allaah the most high to guide these brothers and sisters back to his straight path. Ameen